car salesman showing car engine to customers

happy car salesman showing car engine to customers

You’ve likely heard it said that a good salesperson knows their product like the back of their hand. There’s no question that product knowledge is important, but what makes an automobile salesperson truly remarkable is their communication skills.

You need to be able to trust the person selling you a vehicle. So your first priority when shopping for a new ride should be building rapport and engaging in constructive dialogue with the salespeople you encounter. When we get along with someone, we feel encouraged to talk and to listen to them, and eventually, to put our trust in them.

Too many automobile salespeople put unwanted pressure on their customers. They want to quickly persuade them to buy and don’t spend enough much time asking questions. This often creates a tense and unpleasant mood.

You need to find a salesperson who’s a good listener; one who ask the right questions. They should, for instance, ask about your driving habits, your yearly mileage, the number of people who will drive the new vehicle and the kind of driving you expect to do. In addition, a good salesperson doesn’t talk price mere minutes into the conversation.

We might liken it to a doctor’s appointment: doctors who take the time to listen to their patients, to find out about their overall health and ask questions are likely to achieve the best results. Here’s a summary of what an ideal interaction with a vehicle salesperson would look like.

The salesperson should begin by building rapport. Ideally, they’ll take the time to introduce themselves and to politely demonstrate their competence. Next they should give you an overview of the products the company offers. Afterwards, it’s best if they ask you questions to determine your needs and what sort of vehicle you’re looking to buy.

At no time should you feel you’re being pressured into making a hurried decision. The conversation shouldn’t include remarks like, “I already have two other buyers interested in this car.” Additionally, it’s a good idea to ask specific questions about the product to test the salesperson’s knowledge. If you get satisfactory responses, it’s time to get down to business.

Keep in mind that if you’re feeling unsure, you can back out at any moment. Too often people forget that they have the upper hand in the negotiation.

If all is A-OK, take the opportunity to ask the salesperson precise questions about financing options and/or the extended warranty.

Finally, a good salesperson won’t be the first to propose the signing of a contract. This decision will be left to you, and the salesperson should give you several days to reflect on it if necessary.

In sum, working with an automobile salesperson shouldn’t be stressful. If it is, there’s an easy solution: go somewhere else!