Do you know that human trafficking is not just a big-city issue? Human trafficking happens right here in Wakulla County, and you can do something about it. On any given day, sex and labor trafficking could be happening in your local restaurant, bank, shop, salon, small business, non-profit, or hotel. Do you know how to protect your workplace from liability? Trafficking is in every community – and if you are not trained to recognize the signs, your employees, customers, and reputation are at risk.

Businesses – and all workplaces – are the eyes and ears of the community and are vital to preventing and stopping sex and labor trafficking. In fact, employees and management are key to identifying sex and labor trafficking in our community, if they know what to look for.

You can protect your bottom line and your workplace if you and your workforce take this free one-hour, on-demand training course called STACPRO from the Survive and Thrive Advocacy Center. Find out more and register here: https://surviveand

Individuals and businesses can take advantage of this great resource by:

Hosting an in-person or virtual STACPRO session at a company lunch-and-learn

Incorporating STACPRO into your professional development or onboarding process

Encouraging or mandating all employees take the online course at their convenience by a certain date

Individuals will not only benefit with tangible and practical ways to protect the workplace, but will also receive a certificate of completion. Many businesses count training completion toward required professional development training. Businesses and workplaces will receive a “STACPRO Business” digital emblem for their website and be featured on the STACPRO website. Also, every business or workplace where a significant number of employees take STACPRO will get a “STACPRO Certified” business emblem, promotion on multiple websites, and be featured on STAC’s social media and in newsletters.

STACPRO is building stronger and smarter workplaces and employees with guidance and practical information on how to recognize and respond if they suspect sex or labor trafficking.

STAC is grateful to the hundreds who have completed the training – together we are building a network of people and organizations who stand with survivors and work together to prevent human trafficking.

For information, or to sign up, visit

Katherine Lilly can be reached at

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