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Many Irish celebrate March 17, and although they may or may not be Irish, these Ocala Palms (OP) Golf & Country Club residents will be celebrating their birthdays today: Ron Campbell, Wanda Dillard and Angie Fischetti. There may be more, but I only have these photos to share for their bi… Read moreLife in Ocala Palms: Ocala Palms residents celebrate ‘lucky’ birthdays today

As we travel through life, we may have many twists, turns, ups and downs. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon, therefore we more than likely have had goals we worked towards. No matter the case, most of us have hoped for a happy and successful life. Sometimes there were obstacles that h… Read moreLife in Ocala Palms: Ocala Palms club helps resident forge new friendships, companions

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