Nothing like some father-son bonding

Capt. Jason Lowe (right) with his dad, F. E. Lowe.

It is time for another fishing report. However, I wanted to mix it up this time.

I am 47 years old and blessed enough to still have my dad in my life. He is a great man. He loves Jesus, loves his family and has taught – and still teaches me – so much about life and the outdoors.

I think I learned more by watching him than by him actually intentionally teaching me something. By watching him, I learned a lot about fishing and hunting. But more importantly, I learned how to be a dad and how to treat others.

Growing up, there was no grey area with my dad. It was either right or wrong. He said that if you had to ask if something was right or wrong, then it was probably wrong. Lol. That has held true more times than not.

My dad and I fished A LOT together when I was younger. As I grew older and started a family, things got busy. Good busy. Wife, kids, church and friends. All good things. Dad and I would still fish together but naturally not as much as we did when I was younger.

This past week, I was able to fish with him again, but a decision had to be made. I needed to go make money. Bills were due, and time is money! Time is also fleeting! It waits for no one. And if we don’t make intentional decisions to spend time with the people we love, then it just won’t happen.

Two thoughts I will leave you with this week:

1. I know we are all busy. Most of the time, it is good busy. But are you making intentional decisions to be around the people you love?

2. My dad taught me a lot and still teaches me. Whether we know it or not, people are watching us and we are teaching others. What are you teaching with your life? Who are you teaching it to?

This is an article that should be written around Father’s Day, but sometimes you must seize the moment while something is on your mind.

Good luck out there!

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Stay safe and be blessed!

Capt. Jason Lowe can be reached at 352-362-0656 or www.jlowesguide Look for Capt. Jason Lowe’s fishing report every two weeks inside the Levy Citizen.

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