Cooler water temperatures mean trying different tactics to land fish in the boat

Trout (pictured here) have begun to move to the creek mouths in addition to being on the flats in Cedar Key.

Well, the cold front trend seems to be here. And it will make fish act different for sure.

Fish will tend to conserve energy and be more lethargic with the water temperatures dropping.

Don’t be afraid to fish slow – slower than what you think. If you are using a popping cork for trout, let it sit five to 10 seconds between your pops. It seems like an eternity but try it and change as needed.

Trout have been on the flats but are also starting to move to the creek mouths. The redfish seem to be transitioning as well from the outer islands to the back country.

I use the term ‘spot hop.’ Last week, we made several stops on the flats looking for trout. We would find a few and if the bite stopped, or if the fish were not there, we would move. Don’t be afraid to burn that expensive gas to find fish.

Also, don’t be afraid to make small moves – like 25-50’ – especially if you have been catching fish in that area. Sometimes the fish are still nearby, and you just have to work around where you caught them last.

As always, I don’t stay long. If the fish are not there, move on. Many times, the water movement makes a big difference. So, don’t be afraid to move around and even run back to a spot and fish it again (even if it didn’t produce earlier).

I am a big fan of artificial baits. But during this time of year, putting a live shrimp on can really improve the bite. Sometimes, I will have everyone on the boat throwing a different color lure and then put a shrimp on, too. We use trial and error to see what the fish are looking for.

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Stay safe and be blessed!

Capt. Jason Lowe can be reached at 352-362-0656or online at www.jlowesguide Look for Capt. Jason Lowe’s fishing report every two weeks inside the Levy Citizen.

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