Good day to all. Last year, we were returning from St. George, Florida, on an RV trip. When approaching Williston, our RV had a blowout. I called Good Sams for roadside repair. Immediately, cars were pulling over (local residents) rendering their assistance. I explained to those who remained that I had help coming. The residents kept stopping.

After an hour, this one man and his wife (I believe the man’s name was Darin) he had a newer white pickup with a license plate on the front saying, “United We Stand.” He replied he worked for a local tire company for years and had to retire because he had a bad motorcycle accident. He said regardless that we were waiting for help, he wanted to help and said he was going home and getting his truck and tools.

One thing someone may remember is his air compressor he had when he returned. It had come off an old military plane. He got out of his truck and had all the right tools to pull the tire and took the spare off and mounted it and replaced the spare and mounted it. When he was all done and I tried to tip him, he would have no part of it. He replied, “I just wanted to help.”

He went on to say, “did you see my license plate?” And I went and looked. It said, “United We Stand.” He went on to say he was upset with how divided our country was, and he just wanted to stop and help. I sent this to the City of Williston and never heard back. So, when I saw my story on Facebook memories, I wanted to reach out to your news media.

This young man, along with all your residents, were some of the nicest people who unconditionally wanted to help us. It goes to show we are not as divided as some may think. This is a worthy story. And as an advocate for my little historic town of Lake Helen, Florida, I wanted to let your town know how wonderful your residents are and to Darin (I think) and his wife that this is a man who stands above most. He risked his safety and rendered assistance to a U.S. Army service connected permanently disabled Veteran. And I will always remember how humble, polite and honest he was.

I hope he is found and recognized by some locals and to let him know he is still thought of every time we travel through your town. We will be coming through there again on Sept. 5, for we have a family reunion and have rented a house at Bowman’s Landing on the Sante Fe river for Sept. 5-9. Thank you very much. And may your town be blessed with good fortune.


“Ranger” James Tyler

P.S. Good Sam’s roadside assistance called 1 1/2 hours later on our way home. Thanks again, Darin. I sent this to the city last July and never heard back. So, I decided to write to the Williston Herald last month when I saw my story on Facebook memories. But it went to Williston Herald in South Dakota. They called me today, June 23, and wanted to run the story. They were sad to say they wished it happened there, but wanted to let me know I sent it to the wrong media outlet. Thanks, “Ranger” James Tyler.

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