For a female to become a mother, there must also be a male who is the father. God intended for mothers and fathers to be living together for the duration of their children’s life. This is made very clear when God gave instructions concerning marriage, when He said children were to leave their father and their mother.

Eve was called the “mother of all the living.” Sarah (Abraham’s wife) was told she would be the “mother of nations.” Most examples in the Bible are of women who were mothers influencing their children.

The book of Proverbs gives many instructions to the “son” about how he should treat his mother. The son should “not forsake the teaching of [his] mother” and if he does, then he will bring “grief to his mother.” A “foolish man despises his mother” for her knowledge and also despises her in her old age. The final chapter of Proverbs relates the words of King Lemuel’s mother’s instructions.

There have been some good mothers and some very wicked mothers. The mother of the girl who danced before the king was very wicked, influencing her to ask for the head of John the Baptizer. Some examples of good mothers are Jochebed, Moses’ mother; Mary, Jesus’ mother; Elizabeth, John the Baptizer’s mother; and Eunice, Timothy’s mother.

Mothers have a tremendous influence over their children. In most cases they are the ones who are teaching them different life skills, including social graces. Mothers are the ones who usually teach their children the “softer side” of dealing with people simply by her example.

In some families the mother is the spiritual guidance counselor for her children. Think of the influence of Jochebed over Moses while he was in the house of the Pharaoh. Wonder what type of influence Mary had over Jesus? Paul says that because of the faith of Lois, the grandmother of Timothy, and Eunice, his mother, Timothy had a strong faith.

In Solomon’s description of a virtuous woman, he says the children of this type of woman will “rise up and bless her.” This mother is looking out for the best interest of her children; she provides for her children.

Godly mothers who have raised godly children should be praised. They should be honored for their godly example and also their spiritual teaching and encouragement. It is this type of mother who, before her children are born, will develop the skills and mindset necessary to train their children to be godly people and who will, all the days of their lives, be living God’s way.

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