Summer is here. And it is HOT! Make sure you are drinking plenty of water when you are outside – whether that is fishing or mowing the yard (hopefully you are fishing).

In Cedar Key, trout are on the flats. The water has been clear lately, so it is easy to find spotty bottom (grass and sand mix). Focus on those spots and work out from there. We have been catching them in the 5-6’ depth lately, but that can fluctuate as water temperatures rise or fall. The hot bait for us lately has been the Bass Assassin Sea Shad in the Green Moon color. Fish this under a popping cork and you can cover a lot of water and find fish.

I have also been throwing a MirrOlure for trout this week. That can be a lot of fun, especially early in the morning when they blow up a topwater plug. A Skitter Walk is a fun bait to throw early in the morning, as well.

The big black drum are all over Cedar Key right now and will stick around throughout the summer. If you see them tailing, get a shrimp or crab in front of them. They provide a great fight on light tackle. If you see one, there are usually more. And you can follow the school around pretty easily.

Tripletail are also around. So keep your eyes peeled for them floating near structure. Once you see them, just keep throwing rigs at them until they eat. The popping cork set up works. But if they get snobby, you can mix it up by putting a shrimp on there or a piece of cut bait instead of the plastic jig.

The redfish bite has been hit and miss, but the fish are there. So just keep working spots until you find them. If I am not throwing a spinner bait, Rat-l-trap or spoon, my go to is cut mullet on a 4/0 circle hook fished on the bottom. The pinfish like it, too. So just be patient. Many times, little fish attract big fish!

Stay safe out there. And remember to spend time with family and friends on the water. Take someone fishing that doesn’t get to go as much as you. You won’t be disappointed.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Capt. Jason Lowe can be reached at 352-362-0656 or online at www.jlowesguide Look for Capt. Jason Lowe’s fishing report every two weeks in the Levy Citizen.

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