Levy County Arrests

Cherbonneau, Bruce V., age 61, of Williston, FL, booked 4/25/22 22:35, DUI-Unlawful blood alcohol or drugs, Surety/Cash $10,000. Driving while license suspended 2nd offense, Surety/Cash $1,000. Resist officer, obstruct without violence, Surety/Cash $10,000.

Connell, Kevin Ryan, age 29, of Palm Harbor, FL, booked 5/1/22 02:18, Moving traffic violation: Participate in unlawful race, $20,000. Reckless driving 1st offense, $20,000.

Cook, Devin Andrew, age 30, of Morriston, FL, booked 4/25/22 19:15, Battery touch or strike, Surety/Cash $5,000.

De Leon, Jeronimo Martinez, age 62 of Gainesville, FL, booked 4/30/22 19:05, DUI Alcohol or drugs, Surety/Cash $10,000. Cocaine-MFG Schedule II, Surety/Cash $15,000.

Ebanks, Evan Jerome, age 48 of Bronson, FL, booked 5/1/22 02:39, DUI Alcohol or drugs, Surety/Cash $10,000.

Ferreira Morris, Justin Gabriel, age 23 of Tyler, TX, booked 5/1/22 01:11, Moving traffic violation: Participate in unlawful race, Surety/Cash $20,000. Reckless Driving 1st offense, surety/Cash $20,000. Driving with suspended or revoked license, Surety/Cash $5,000.

George, Dakota Michael, age 21, of Trenton, FL, booked 4/30/22 12:06, Moving traffic violation, operate motor vehicle without valid license, Surety/Cash $2,500.

Graden, Zachary William, age 19, of Chiefland, FL, booked 4/20/22 23:09, DUI, Unlawful blood alcohol BUI 1st or 2nd violation, Surety/Cash $5,000.

Hamilton, Jarrod Budray, age 39 of Lecanto, FL, booked 4/28/22 09:06, Out of county warrant, Surety/Cash $2,000.

Hatch, Gary Allen, age 32, of Bronson, FL, booked 4/28/22 03:10, Aggravated assault with deadly weapon without intent to kill, Surety/Cash $200,000.

Huskins, Layne Yvette, age 55, of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, booked 4/27/22 22:21, Knowingly driving while license suspended or revoked, Surety/Cash $1,000. Possession of controlled substance without prescription, Surety/Cash $30,000. Fraud, Conceal information to obtain prescription, Surety/Cash $15,000. Possession and or use of drug equipment, Surety/Cash $1,000.

Jones, Amanda, age 38, of Chiefland, FL, booked 4/25/22 12:40, Aggravated assault with deadly weapon without intent to kill, no bond info provided. Battery touch or strike, no bond info provided. Domestic battery by strangulation, no bond info provided. Cruelty toward child/abuse of child without great bodily harm, no bond info provided.

Lamb, James, age 35, of Gilcrest, FL, booked 4/26/22 13:09, Non-moving traffic violation, attach registration license plate not assigned, ROR. Driving while license suspended 1st offense, Surety/Cash $1,000. Possession of weapon or ammo by convicted FLA Felon, Surety/Cash $30,000. Possession of weapon or ammo by convicted FLA Felon, Surety/Cash $50,000.

Martin, Cristi Lynn, age 50, of Bronson, FL, booked 5/1/22 23:25, Battery touch or strike, $0.00. Resist officer, obstruct without violence, $0.00.

Morris, Buddy Allen, age 35, of Morriston, FL, booked 4/28/22 12:25, Out of county warrant, Surety $7,500.

Overstreet, Adasyn Berta, age 22, of Trenton, FL, booked 4/27/22 02:44, Battery touch or strike, Surety $15,000.

Risher, George Zachary, age 27 of Inglis, FL, booked 4/29/22 22:51, Driving while license suspended, Habitual offender, Surety/Cash $5,000.

Roberts II, Richard John, age 35, Address not provided, booked 4/20/22 01:47, DUI Alcohol or drugs 3rd violation within 10 years, Surety/Cash $30,000.

Shephard, Renee Lee, age 43, of Williston, FL, booked 4/26/22 21:31, Failure to appear, No bond.

Stoner, Jeffery Wayne, age 48, of Fanning Springs, FL, booked 4/29/22 16:20, Violation of conditional release, Surety/Cash $15,000.

Wiley, Melvin, age 71, of Gainesville, FL, booked 4/30/22 00:22, Driving while license suspended 3rd or subsequent offense, Surety/Cash $10,000.

Williams, Briana Clarice, age 28, of Ocala, FL, booked 4/26/22 02:08, Aggravated battery person uses a deadly weapon, Surety/Cash $50,000.

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