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Chiefland Elementary School PTO Family Barnyard Dance Held Saturday

Folks enjoy their time at the Chiefland Elementary School PTO Family Barnyard Dance Saturday.

The Chiefland Elementary School PTO held their annual dance Saturday. This year’s theme was a Barn Dance for the whole family. There was dancing, laughing, fun, food and lots of memories made by all who attended! Two students were chosen by PTO as the king and queen of the dance. These were second-grader Haley Poppe and kindergartener, Brantley English. Thank you to all who made it possible and to all the families that attended! We are already looking forward to next year!!

Horses Without Humans Rescue to sponsor Volunteer Rescue Makeover Challenge Saturday

Volunteer Coordinator

BELL — Horses Without Humans Rescue (HWH) will sponsor its first annual Volunteer Rescue Makeover Challenge at its facility at 6191 N. U.S. Highway 129 in Bell Saturday beginning at 10 a.m. Eighteen competitors and rescue horses are entered in the free event, which is open to the public. Free parking, barn tours, food and beverages will be available. Come with your family and join in the fun!

The Makeover will identify the horse/handler team that accumulates the highest score in each class. Judging focuses on the competitor and the effectiveness of their horsemanship methodology to communicate, educate and build a partnership with their horse based on trust.

Every participant in the horse-handling competition will be required to maneuver a course with obstacles of varying difficulty and designated points. Both beginner and advanced classes will be held during the day, and the handler/horse team with the most points in their class will win a prize. Some competitors will walk their horse over the course and others will ride.

Competitors were chosen from people who have volunteered 40 or more hours at Horses Without Humans. The participants have been training their assigned horses since March 13, doing basic groundwork and introducing the obstacles, to see how much progress they can make.

While some volunteers have extensive horse experience, others are beginners, and they range in age from children to senior citizens. Likewise, the 18 participating horses have various degrees of experience; some are saddle broke and some are not. They range in age from 4 years old to over 20, are from 14.3 to 16 hands tall, and are many different colors and breeds, including Paso Fino, Saddlebred, Fox Trotter, Thoroughbred and grade.

Most of the horses will be available for adoption following the end of the competition. A brief description of each horse will be available in the program.

“Many of the rescue horses we receive have not been handled and are not well trained,” Yvonne Barteau, founder of Horses Without Humans, said. “The goal of the Makeover is to train the rescue horses, so they are prepared to go into any discipline.”

“It’s all about educating people and developing relationships … building partnerships,” Barteau said. “Horses cannot become what we want by remaining what they are. Many of these horses need to learn to trust and work with people, and to learn basic skills. Competitors began by doing basic groundwork and then started to work on the obstacles.”

Competitors will be judged on several categories: catching and haltering; groundwork; general interaction; timing of aids; forward motion; willingness to guide/steer; horse’s yields to pressure; handler and horse’s conduct, demeanor and confidence; competitor’s ability to build a solid foundation; and performance on the obstacle course.

There are 22 obstacles of varying difficulty on the course, including everyday items like a low bridge, water obstacle, mailbox, wind chimes, a jump and a gate. More challenging obstacles include: a teeter-totter, a high bridge, a ball that horses push down a chute with their chests, backing through poles, climbing up and over a set of three tires, doing turns on the hindquarters and forequarters, a slalom around cones, and a figure eight around barrels, entering and backing out of a horse trailer, and side-passing over poles. Bonus points will be awarded for lunging the horse at a walk, trot and canter.

“The purpose is not just to win the Makeover,” Barteau said. “It’s about creating a solid foundation. We want to see what each horse is capable of and train them for the long haul, including grooming, bathing, and handling their feet, and for things riders encounter frequently.”

“The obstacle course helps teach a horse that they don’t always need to look to their handler for help when they get bothered,” Barteau said. “It helps the horses gain confidence, be comfortable with unexpected things, and be safer for their riders. It’s not so much ‘Did you get over the bridge at the Makeover?’” Rather, it’s ‘Did you build the horse’s confidence enough to get that done?’” The focus is on the journey rather than the destination. We want to build well rounded horses here.”

For more information about Horses Without Humans, please go online to and join our Facebook group 2369378866455981.

For additional information, to volunteer with Horses Without Humans, or to request a speaker, contact Janet Herzberg, Volunteer Coordinator at 386-935-3902, e-mail

1-year-old boy killed after accident at Ginnie Springs Outdoors

HIGH SPRINGS — A 1-year-old boy was hit by an SUV and later died from his injuries suffered at a campsite located within the Ginnie Springs Outdoors primitive camping area Saturday, according to a press release from FHP.

Just before 8:30 a.m., The SUV, being driven driven by a 26-year-old male of Lehigh Acres, Florida, was reversing the vehicle south prior to beginning to make a left turn going northwest at the campsite. According to the press release, the boy had wandered in front of the SUV without the driver realizing, resulting in the vehicle striking the boy with its passenger side front tire.

The boy was airlifted to UF Health Shands where he died from his injuries. Like the driver, the boy was also listed as being from Lehigh Acres, but the press release did not identify whether the two are related.

Levy County History at a Glance

159 years ago

1863 December 07 – The commander of the U.S.S. Sagamore received orders to proceed to the mouth of the Suwannee River and to capture two river pilots stationed there. The pilots were suspected of having piloted three Confederate steamers carrying contraband up the river at the end of their voyages to Havana.

117 years ago

1905 June 30 – The following vessels called at the Port of Inglis during the month of June and transported phosphate from the Dunnellon Phosphate Company to various locations around the world: the Heronspool under British flag which carried away 4,630 tons of phosphate to Stettin, Germany; the Aislaby under British flag which carried away 3,933 tons of phosphate to Landskrona, Sweden; the Kennett under British flag which carried away 2,202 tons of phosphate to Braila, Roumania; and the Miramichi under British flag which carried away 3,513 tons of phosphate to Dunkirk, France.

94 years ago

1928 December – Received at the meeting of the Bronson Town Council were Astrenous complaints as to swine running at large in the streets.

– Levy County Historical Society, Inc.

Correction from April 21 edition

In the April 21 edition of the paper, the Levy County Citizen mixed up two names in the story about the Williston City Council Investiture Ceremony that took place April 12. Retired judge Joe Smith had said a few comments about Councilman Zach Bullock. The story had Bullock labeled as the mayor in this section of the article instead of councilman.