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A chance to communicate, share and learn

CHIEFLAND — It could best be described as a time of communicating, sharing and learning. On July 13, Tri-County Community Resource Center held a Tri-County Community Partner Networking Fair at Tommy Usher Center in Chiefland.

According to Beverly Goodman, who is the resource center manager, organizations and agencies that are partnered with TCCRC had the opportunity to network with one another while also getting the chance to collect information. They had a choice of attending the event with or without tabling.

Goodman said in an email that 65 people out of 40 various agencies were at the fair.

“We were very pleased with the results,” she said in a phone interview.

Additionally, this was the first tabling event ever done by the resource center. According to Goodman, it was held in place of the July 2022 Quarterly Resource Sharing Meeting.

“Tri-County Community Resource Center hosts quarterly virtual community partner meetings to share resources and to identify barriers that residents might be experiencing,” she said in the email. “In the community, it would take months to visit and learn about all the different organizations that attended. The Networking Fair presented our partners with the opportunity to more intensively share knowledge, resources and a collective desire to help others.”

Goodman said these organizations that did come to the event provide a number of services that are accessible in the local communities. Some of these include: crisis assistance, parenting support, community health, early childhood education and some.

According to Goodman, the agencies that attended are:

Another Way

Career Source Citrus-Levy-Marion

CDS Behavioral & Family Health

Central Florida Community Action Agency

College of Central Florida

Department of Children and Families (Investigations, Community Outreach, ACCESS)

Dixie County Anti-Drug Coalition

Early Learning Coalition of the Nature Coast

Eckerd Youth

Edward Jones Financial Services

Elder Options

Episcopal Children’s Services


Florida Department of Health

Florida Guardian ad Litem

Gilchrist County School District

Gilchrist Prevention Coalition

Hanley Foundation

Haven Hospice

Healthy Families

Healthy Start of North Central Florida

Hope Florida

Levy County School District

Migrant Education

Partnership for Strong Families

Pine Grove Baptist Church

Rebuilding Together

Rural Women’s Health Project


Support Services for Veteran Families

Suwannee River Economic Council (Gilchrist)

Three Rivers Legal Services

Tri-County Community Resource Center

Tri-County Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Unity Family Center

University of Florida Child Protection Team/Child Advocacy Center


Vocational Rehabilitation

Volunteers of America

Partnership For Strong Families (PSF), which was one of the organizations listed, is one of TCCRC’s essential colleagues, according to the Tri-County Community Resource Center’s website.

Along with a mission and vision statement, the agency also identifies eight core principles. According to the PSF website, the first one listed is “to provide a safe environment for all children.”

“The foundation of PSF’s Family Resource Center Model is that child abuse is preventable,” Goodman said in the email. “Through Tri-County Community Resource Center and our other four locations, PSF provides up-front family support services with the goal of promoting positive outcomes for families and communities.”

Additionally, Goodman said the TCCRC aspires to actively help people who are “in need before they reach a crisis.”

“A one-stop “resource hub,” the Resource Center uses a community-centered approach to connect those in need with existing resources and supports,” she said in the email.

TCCRC is a nonprofit organization. And Goodman said they are only manageable with the help of collaborations.

“The resource center has no dedicated funding stream, but rather utilizes a community approach, existing through collaboration with partners, grants and donations,” she said in the email.

As for the networking fair, Goodman said they are hoping to make this a yearly event.

Jose De LaCruz (left) as Nick and Felicia Sisk as Beauty in the Chief Theatre’s youth production of “Beauty is a Beast.” Story on page A2.

‘Beauty is a Beast’ begins Friday

Candidate Profile: Billy Hinote, Levy County Commissioner, District 4

Editor’s note: Our Candidate Profile’s continue this week with the contenders for Levy County Commissioner, District 4.

Name of the candidate: Charles Hinote

Name you go by: Billy

Office sought: Levy County Commissioner, District 4

Educational background: Graduated Chiefland High School in 1978, where I then attended the IBEW Local 349 Electrical Trade School in Miami.

Occupation: Electrician/ Business Owner

Community involvement: Vice President of CAAA board and involved with CAAA for over 20 years. I was an active member of the Chiefland High School Quarterback Club. I was also a member of the Chiefland High School Diamond Club. I’m involved with the Suwanee River Fair and have sponsored many athletic and community events.

What are the top three priorities of your campaign?

1. To express that I am against the thought of raising taxes in Levy County.

2. To show the community that I, as a citizen, am willing to fight to do what is best for Levy County.

3. To be open and always accessible to the citizens of Levy County. I am willing to have an open mind to the issues that I am presented with and will do my best to do whatever I can to correct the issue.

What differentiates you from your opponent(s)?

As a local Levy County business owner, I have a lot of experience with working with the county offices. I have witnessed the county progress in many ways for many years, and I would like to be a part of the progress coming. I am a very good communicator and find it is easy for me to relate with other people. As much as I love my job as running a business in our county, I would like to be a part of our county’s legislature to be able to point our progress as a county in the right direction.

What are your sources of information on local policy issues?

Not answered.

Candidate Profile: Charlene "Watson" Calvillo, Levy County Commissioner, District 4

Name of the candidate: Charlene “Watson” Calvillo

Name you go by: Charlene

Office sought: Levy County Commissioner, District 4

Educational background: Graduate of Bronson High School. Beyond high school, I have incorporated in-person and online short courses in computer programs, tax preparation, real estate and social media marketing.

Occupation: Writer

Community involvement: My family maintains two flowerbeds at CES and decorates seasonally. I am a current member of the Cedar Key Historical Society Museum and the Cedar Key Eagles 4194.

What are the top three priorities of your campaign?

Bridge the gap between our local government and the residents of Levy County. Network with the local agencies who work to benefit our community and the individuals who are in need. Evaluate and resolve circumstances in a timely manner.

What differentiates you from your opponent(s)?

In 2018, I began as a freelance writer for the Chiefland Citizen and the Cedar Key Beacon. Both printed publications gave me the opportunity to report on city government meetings. That experience prompted me to run for county commissioner. I now contract with an online publication and have written about city and county government. I also attend the monthly meetings and receive the agenda with supporting documents. It’s important to know what’s currently going on with the county to make future decisions.

What are your sources of information on local policy issues?

I read printed and online publications to stay current with local policy issues. I attend the county commission meetings, review the supporting documents, and discuss areas of concern with county employees and residents.

Levy County history at a glance

162 years ago

1860 March 31 – The following article appeared in the TELEGRAPH, a Cedar Key newspaper. THE CUBA TELEGRAPH LINE – The ASavannah Republican@ says that the land portion of the Cuba Telegraph Line will soon be completed and put to work. But owing to a delay of the manufacturers in construction of the submarine cable, some months must elapse before it can be laid. In the meantime, the land section from Savannah to the Cedar Keys via Fernandina will be completed, so as to connect with the steamers from Key West to Havana.

135 years ago

1887 January 01 – The Florida State Gazetteer and Business Directory listed the population of Levy County as 6,678 persons. At an election held in 1884, a total of votes were cast – 654 Democratic and 337 Republican. The county produced sugarcane, rice, long staple cotton, vegetables and semi-tropical fruits. The total valuation of real and personal property amounted to $1,174,560. The number of acres of improved and cultivated land was 9,590 acres.

75 years ago

1947 September 04 – The Arcade Movie Theatre in Williston was showing the following movies: Thursday & Friday – “Tarzan and the Huntress” with Johnny Weissmuller. Saturday, double feature – “El Paso Kid” and “For the Love of Rusty.” Sunday – “For the Love of Geraldine” with Jane Withers. Monday & Tuesday – “Angel and the Badman” with John Wayne. Wednesday – “They Won’t Believe Me” with Susan Hayward.

@Levy County Historical Society Inc.