INVERNESS — The margin of victory was 0.627 seconds, just two car lengths, at the finish of the Brandon Ford Wheel Man Series race No. 8 and the first for the 2019 season for Earl Beckner.

Pole-sitter Adam Briggs set the early pace and was part of a three-car battle for the lead when he drifted high as he exited turn No. 2 directly in the path of third place Joe Winchell. Briggs took the blame for the incident with Winchell up to second, and created the setup for what would turn into the first win for the driver out of Apopka.

Beckner and Winchell found themselves on the front row for the restart and put up a good side-by-side battle for the lead for the first half of the race, trading the top spot twice.

Rex Struble made it a three-way race for the lead as Brooke Storer worked her way up to the lead group. Two laps later she was in a door-to-door battle with Winchell.

The battle grew intense and Winchell attempted to put his car in a hole in the traffic. Unfortunately, that hole was already taken and he and Storer collided, ending Storer’s night with massive front-end damage to her No. 9 car.

Beckner continued to control the remainder of the race despite several strong attempts by Struble for the lead. By the end of the race, Struble was just two car lengths behind the winner to finish second.

Fast qualifier and new record-setter Jason Vail followed in third, Brandon Morris fourth, Patrick Thomas fifth, Tim Alexander sixth, Briggs seventh, Jesse Henley eighth, Richard Elkins Jr. ninth and Dillon Sivils 10th.

Jason Waller powered from his eighth place starting position to win the Street Stock 25. The 11-car field was no match for Waller who pulled to a 3.4-second advantage over pole-sitter and second-place finisher Joe Gerard by the checkered flag. Jonathan Appleby followed Girard to the line for third, Bubba Martone finished fourth and Dustin Aaron was fifth.

A protest of Anything Automotive Mini Stock 25 race winner Brian Potvin found the No. 15 race machine illegal to the rules due to a motor infraction. Potvin had soared to a 6.3-second win over David Carlbert. Eric Sharrone, Justin Pittman, Steven Wyatt and Melvin Fockler also moved up to post top-five finishes, respectively, due to the disqualification of Potvin.

It only took Larry Welter Jr. a handful of laps before he sailed by race leader Thomas Meyer and eventually took the win of the Don’s Plumbing Pure Stock 25. Welter started fifth on the grid and found his way to the front as he came out of the second turn. Once there, Welter was able to maintain control all the way to the finish.

Sport Wilson attempted to reel in Welter but could not make up the near half-second advantage he had on the field and, although he was able to make some track gains, he ran out of laps and settled for second. Meyer held out to finish third ahead of early race leader Kleav Lewis and Lane Wilson.

Kenneth Nurse Jr. topped the Modified Mini 25 over Christopher Zimmerman, Tom Zimmerman, Ben Anderson and Tim Scalise. The event was marred by one red flag due to an incident involving Tom Zimmerman and Kevin Harrod who came together down the backstretch forcing Harrod’s No. 9H race car into the backstretch and Turn 4 walls. Harrod was racing in memory of his father who passed away earlier in the week.

Citrus County Speedway

Official Results

Saturday, June 22

Brandon Ford Wheelman Sportsman Series 50 

1. (71) Earl Beckner

2. (69) Rex Struble

3. (171) Jason Vail

4. (56) Brandon Morris

5. (250 Patrick Thomas

6. (630) Tim Alexander

7. (14) Adam Briggs

8. (3) Jesse Henley

9. (55) Richard Elkins Jr.

10. (32) Dillon Sivils

11. (74) Noah Cornman

12. (73b) Jason Bartram

13. (63A) George Alexander

14. (4r) Rick Reed

15. (92) Joe Winchell

16. (11f) Joe Forhorlt

17. (9) Brooke Storer

18. (10) Joe Hamilton

19. (51N) Chris Harvey

20. (22) Colton Bramlett

21. (5R) Chad Rutherford

DIVISION STATS: 21 cars. 50 laps. Total Race Time: 37:04.895. Margin of Victory: 0.627 sec. Avg. Speed: 20.226 mph. Best Lap by: (92) Joe Winchell, 14.243 sec., 63.189 mph, lap No. 4. *Fast Qualifier and NEW TRACK RECORD: (171) Jason Vail, 14.002 sec., 64.277 mph.

Anything Automotive Mini Stock 25

1. (2c) David Carlbert

2. (5s) Eric Sharrone

3. (13p) Justin Pittman

4. (4w) Steven Wyatt

5. (22) Melvin Fockler

6. (35) Brayden Boardman

7. (55) Clinton Cyr

8. (1k) Guy Kelmel

9. (13s) Jason Simons

10. (99) Joshua Genarie

11. (2) Lindsey Fockler

12. (20) Casey Feaster

13. (72) James Charlton

14. (37r) Rob Ramer

15. (20w) Robbie White

16. (78) Mike Ledford

17. (51) Robert Anthony

18. (56r) Aaron Ray, DNS

DIVISION STATS: 19 cars. 25 laps. Total Race Time: 10:51.754. Margin of Victory: 6.348 sec. Avg. Speed: 34.522 mph. Best Lap by: (51) Robert Anthony, 17.007 sec., 52.919 mph, lap No. 2. Post-race disqualification: Original race winner (15) Brian Potvin was disqualified under protest for an illegal motor. *NON-POINTS RACE.

Modified Mini 25

1. (7N) Kenneth Nurse Hr.

2. (56) Christopher Zimmerman

3. (55) Tom Zimmerman

4. (9A) Ben Anderson

5. (25) Tim Scalise

6. (38x) Zacj Heimann

7. (28x) Greg Beeman

8. (9) Scott Bumgarner

9. (9N) Kevin Harrod

10. (15) Doug Hopper, DNS

11. (71) Sonya Heater, DNS

DIVISION STATS: 11 cars. 25 laps. Total Race Time: 25:35.347. Margin of Victory: 0.426 sec. Avg. Speed: 14.655. Best Lap by: (56) Christopher Zimmerman, 15.285 sec., 58.881 mph, lap

No. 24.

Don’s Plumbing Pure Stock 25

1. (58) Larry Welter Jr.

2. (94) Sport Wilson

3. (A5) Thomas Meyer

4. (4x) Kleav Lewis

5. (47x) Lane Wilson

6. (32) James Jones

7. (85) Larry Welter Sr.

8. (50) Wes Wilson

9. (5) James Peters

10. (82) Danny Maddox

11. (77) Justin Reynolds

12. (95) Dustin Dinkins

13. (65) Happy Florian

14. (45) James Johnston

15. (75) Michael Gilkerson

16. (4d) Justin Drobach

17. (8) AJ Waller

18. (85x) Aaron Welter

19. (56) Larry Crisp

20. (40) Jerry Rogers

21. (22F) Jake Fichtner

22. (43) Wesley Rounds

23. (112) BK Williams

24. (18) Shawn Bailey

DIVISION STATS: 24 cars. 25 laps. Total Race Time: 12:39.137. Margin of Victory: 0.478 sec. Avg. Speed: 29.639. Best Lap by: (58) Larry Welter Jr., 15.885 sec., 56.657 mph, lap No. 4.

Street Stock 25

1. (3) Jason Waller

2. (51G) Joe Gerard

3. (69A) Jonathan Appleby

4. (98) Bubba Martone

5. (5) Dustin Aaron

6. (39) Ross Francisco

7. (8) AJ Waller

8. (74) Dwight Benson

9. (18) Shawn Bailey

10. (52) Tommy Stokes

11. (21) William Waymire

DIVISION STATS: 11 cars. 25 laps. Total Race Time: 8:47.705. Margin of Victory: 3.478 sec. Avg. Speed: 42.637 mph. Best Lap by: (3) Jason Waller, 15.047 sec., 59.813 mph, lap No. 9.

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