A friend of mine and CCA Committee member, Gary Lawson of Citrus County, along with Bob Tice, who by the way are also both members of the Nature Coast Anglers fishing club, had the the privilege the other day of taking a couple guys out for a day of fishing. However, not just your ordinary, everyday fishing trip. These two fine gentlemen, Troy Cook and Bryan Davis, that Gary and Bob took are part of the Wounded Warriors veterans program. And were all the way from Bardstown, Kentucky.

Gary was mentioning to me they had fished around the St. Martin Keys area. He said they were utilizing some cut bait rigs under corks around the islands and after all the dust settled had ended up catching eight redfish, two snook and one shark. Our hats are off to actually all four of these guys, two for surely making it happen. (I’m sure by the end of the day Gary and Bob were the ones that were blessed.) And the other two that made the sacrifice in helping keep this great country FREE! Thanks guys.

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