Jason Vail celebrates his first win in the Wheel Man Sportsman Series at Citrus County Speedway on Saturday night. Vail was the eighth winner in nine events and the fourth first-time winner this season.

INVERNESS — Jason Vail became the eighth different winner in the Wheel Man Sportsman Series at Citrus County Speedway on Saturday night after waiting out two rain delays and holding off Brooke Storer to win his first in the series this year.

Vail qualified fourth overall with a 63.220 mph lap time that put him inside row five for the start.

Keith Roggen took the early lead and battled Jesse Henley for the lead before his No. 94 race car lost its grip with the asphalt and fishtailed through the second turn. Henley’s No. 3 suffered a flat tire and forced the defending champion to the pits for fresh rubber.

When the field went back to race action, Vail found himself on the front row and, within three laps, was able to take the lead from Roggen.

Storer closed in on Vail 10 laps later and pressured the race leader, but could not get a strong enough run to make a pass as the laps went on.

By the end of the race, Vail was able to pull to a 1.220 second advantage over Storer, who finished second. Dillon Sivils ran a solid race and finished third ahead of Joe Winchell and Rex Struble.

Contingency awards in the series went to Tim Alexander as Hard Charger.

There are three more events in the Wheel Man Series for 2019. The touring series returns to Citrus County Speedway for race No. 10 on Sept. 21, heads to 4-17 Southern Speedway on Oct. 19, and then closes out their season at Citrus County Speedway on Oct. 26.

Clinton Cyr topped the Mini Stock division over Brian Potvin, Thomas Peet, Robert Anthony and Andrew Hall, but a technical decision could change the outcome of the official finish once track officials have had an opportunity to look into a rules infraction this week. If the decision is not overturned, Potvin will be declared the race winner and Cyr handed his first disqualification of the season.

Pure Stock action saw A.J. Waller give his best performance of the season. After leading the way through the first 13 laps the rookie driver was forced to battle Wes Wilson for the lead when a restart put the two side-by-side on the front row.

Once out front, Wilson was able to pull the field through the remainder of the race despite a hard charging Sport Wilson, who made several attempts at displacing his brother in the closing laps. Sport Wilson followed his brother to the finish for the second straight week, this time just 0.137 seconds behind the winner.

A three-car run for third between Waller, Larry Welter Jr., James Peters and Danny Maddox landed Peters the spot 10 laps later. Welter followed for fourth and Maddox finished fifth. The battle left Waller on the outside and out of contention as he drifted back in the field to finish 12th.

Mother Nature won out over the remaining divisions on the night’s race card after two rain delays earlier in the night put off the start of feature action until 10 p.m. Those divisions included Legends Cars, Bandoleros and the Mini Stock Figure 8.

Action heats back up Aug. 10 with the return of the Super Late Model 50, Florida Pro Truck 50, Mini Stock 25, Pure Stock 25 and Legends Cars 25. Gates open at 5:30 p.m. Heat races start at 6:30 p.m., features at 7:30 p.m. General admission is $15, students 17 and under $5, children 6 and under are free.

Citrus County Speedway

Official results

July 27

Pure Stock

1. (50) Wes Wilson

2. (94) Sport Wilson*

3. (5) James Peters

4. (58) Larry Welter Jr.

5. (82) Danny Maddox

6. (AR15) Wesley Rounds

7. (K9) Matt McCrary

8. (22) Mark Patterson

9. (47) Casey Rounds*

10. (45) James Johnston

11. (4d) Justin Drobach

12. (8) AJ Waller

13. (56) Larry Crisp

14. (7) Travis Blotz

DIVISION STATS: 15 cars. 25 laps. Total Race Time: 14:03.956. Margin of Victory: 0.137 sec. Avg. Speed: 26.660 mph. Best Lap by: (50) Wes Wilson, 16.031 sec., 56.141 mph, lap No. 14. *Heat Race Winner. DISQUALIFICATIONS: (A5) Thomas Meyer, on-track disqualification for exiting his car while under caution.

Wheel Man Sportsman Series Race No. 9

1. (171) Jason Vail

2. (9) Brooke Storer

3. (32) Dillon Sivils

4. (92) Joe Winchell

5. (69) Rex Struble

6. (3) Jesse Henley

7. (63) Tim Alexander

8. (56) Brandon Morris

9. (74) Noah Cornman

10. (22) Colton Bramlett

11. (199) Shawn Jenkins

12. (7) Kyle Stoner

13. (14) Adam Briggs

14. (4r) Rick Reed

15. (71) Earl Beckner

16. (7d) Travis Devenforf

17. (94) Keith Roggen

18. (44) Matthew Green

19. (27) Joey Forhorlt

20. (00) Shawn Harper

21. (10) Joe Hamilton

22. (5R) Chad Rutherford

DIVISION STATS: 22 cars. 50 laps. Total Race Time: 29:24.177. Margin of Victory 1.220 sec. Avg. Speed: 25.508 mph. Best Lap by: (3) Jesse Henley, 14.441 sec., 62.452 mph, lap No. 5. *Fast qualifier: (51) Earl Beckner, 14.186 sec., 63.443 mph.

Mini Stocks


Official finish currently under advisement

1. (15) Brian Potvin

2. (5) Thomas Peet

3. (6) Robert Anthony*

4. (55h) Andrew Hall

5. (48x) Gary Sivils

6. (13p) Justin Pittman

7. (81) Eric Sharrone

8. (2c) David Carlbert*

9. (4w) Steven Wyatt*

10. (1k) Guy Kolmel

11. (17) Gary Holliman Jr.

12. (56) Gary Holliman Sr.

13. (46) Daniel Bowman

14. (72) James Charlton

15. (78) Mike Ledford

16. (13s) Greg Johnson

17. (71) Ryan Rostel

18. (6p) Joe Pitchford

19. (51) Sean Moore

20. (26) Danny Wolfanger

21. (35) Brayden Bordman

22. (56r) Aaron Ray

23. (08) Martin Moff (DNS)

DIVISION STATS: 24 cars. 25 laps. Total Race Time: 7:13.124. Margin of Victory: 3.356 sec. Avg. Speed: 51.948 mph. Best Lap by: (15) Brian Potvin, 16.979 sec., 53.007 mph, lap No. 21. *Heat Race Winner. DISQUALIFICATIONS: (55) Clinton Cyr, original race winner disqualified in post-race technical inspection that has been put on hold until further rules clarifications can be made.

Legends Cars

Heat Race No. 1

1. (65x0 Anthony Cataldi

2. (99) Mike Verhaagh

3. (70) Sam Cornman

4. (04) Brandon Taylor

5. (15) Chris Stansberry

6. (03) Stephen Hartley

7. (65) Rusty Mallett

Heat Race No. 2

1. (77) Noah Cornman

2. (51) Jim Smith

3. (2) Jarrett Wagman

4. (18) Dylan Brewer

5. (77j) Jason Carpenter

6. (33) Sherri Miles

7. (87) Robbie Bundon


Heat Race

1. (62) Peanut Waller

2. (1) Cooper Gaul

Mini Stock Figure 8

Did not run due to time constraints

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