Happy hunters, Steve Mason and Keith Swick, from Johnstown, Ohio, on their first Florida turkey hunt.

Last week I gave you an update on the two-day, 2020 Youth Spring Gobbler Season, so I might as well tell you about the regular-season opener. The 2020 Spring Gobbler Season opened last Saturday, the 21st and it has been one huge success statewide! My social media is overflowing with great stories accompanied by photos of some beautiful gobblers. I absolutely love turkey hunting and for myself and a pair of clients from Ohio, we couldn’t have asked for a better hunt.

I was recently blessed with access to a small parcel of land here in our county that is in the middle of some of the best turkey hunting in the state. I scouted for signs and was confident in my calling to bring in the birds, so that is where the season began. At dawn Saturday morning, the whippoorwills were singing off the chain until the sun breached the horizon and their song gave way to a beautiful chorus of gobbling, coming from a good many gobblers from several directions. I picked up my Spring King Caller, built for me by Mr. Kevin Vaughn of Webster, and began offering them some sweet hen talk.

Oh, wait, there’s some of you who haven’t turkey hunted, so I might stop to explain that sweet hen talk. You see, in nature, springtime is the mating season for wild turkeys and that is why there is so much excitement in the woods. The gobbler greets the flocks with gobbling, to ensure the hens know where to find him. And the hens, they answer with seductive yelps and other vocalizations to tell old big boy that they’re on their way. See, in nature the hens go to the tom. We turkey hunters use calls to emulate the sounds of the wild turkey hens to try to reverse the natural order and get the tom to come to us. Our job is to call even more seductively than the real thing to drive the old gobbler lovestruck-nuts until he arrives at our location.

And that morning’s hunt, it worked like a charm. I love-talked not one, not two, but four gobblers into the setup where my hunters were waiting. As the four approached strutting and gobbling, looking for the lusty hen, at least six others were still to be heard in the distance and even after the shotguns roared and a trio of Osceola gobblers were invited back to Ohio with my clients, distant gobbles were still ringing out. My guys leapt from their ground blind, dancing in joyous celebration and nearly tackled me in their enthusiasm. Lots of photos were taken, the birds secured and I introduced my new Yankee friends to another true treat — I took them for biscuits and gravy at the Lake Lindsey Mall! It just doesn’t get any better than that!

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