Anthony Sergi celebrates in victory lane after winning the Super Late Model 50 at Citrus County Speedway in Inverness on Saturday night.

INVERNESS — Anthony Sergi and Patrick Starpoli battled all the way to the finish of the Power Logging and Tree Service Super Late Model 50 Saturday night at Citrus County Speedway. When the door-handle-to-door-handle action was over, Sergi was in victory lane and Starpoli was disqualified from the event.

“It was fun racing with Starpoli,” Sergi said from victory lane.

Starpoli came from the outside pole to lead the event at the start, but fell to Brad Bowman 10 laps later. By then, Sergi had found his way into the top five and was in the hunt for the lead.

“This was great short track racing,” Sergi said.

By lap 18 Sergi was in the lead with Starpoli hot on his heels and the two ran nose-to-tail 20 laps before Starpoli stepped up his game and pressured Sergi for the lead.

First it was Sergi with the lead by mere inches, then Starpoli, and then a late-race caution to put the pair side-by-side for the restart.

Starpoli got the best of Sergi when the green flag dropped, but Sergi dove low to regain the lead the next lap. Starpoli nudged him from the rear twice before beating Sergi to the line with five laps to go.

Sergi wasn’t about to give up the race that easy and did a quick cross-over, only to watch Starpoli power to the white flag. The battle continued the entire final circuit with Sergi taking the lead out of the fourth turn and beating Starpoli to the finish.

Starpoli was visually displeased with the outcome and, as the pair came out of the second turn, he dumped the race winner as they entered the backstretch.

“My car wasn’t as good as his,” Sergi said. “But we outraced him.”

Starpoli was subsequently disqualified from the race for unsportsmanlike conduct after the event.

Mike Bell rebounded from an early race incident that sent him to the rear of the field to finish second ahead of Keith Roggen, Richie Smith and Paul White.

Bryton Prevatt took the Mini Stock victory after winner Thomas Peet and runner-up Kevin Grant were disqualified from the finishing order after their cars failed the mandatory post-race technical inspection. Their cars were found to have too much camber according to the 2019 rules.

Robert Anthony, Justin Pittman, Gary Sivils and Eric Sharrone secured the top five, respectively.

Peanut Waller topped the two-car Bandelero 10-lap shootout over Aldan Foley.

Doug Herrin beat Maria Martins, Leandre Marsin, Russell Bush and Clayton Samuels in Mini Cup action.

Noah Cornman led the way to the finish of the Legends Cars event with Sam Cornman securing second despite his no. 74 race car coming across the start/finish line on its roof just ahead of Jarrett Wagman. Logan and Dennis Misuraca came across fourth and fifth, respectively.

Kevin Harrod returned to his winning ways in Modified Mini action. Doug Hopper followed 0.708 seconds behind in second. Mike Kerrivan finished third, Kenneth Nurse Jr. fourth and Rachel Rudolph fifth.

Sport Wilson narrowly edged out Larry Welter Jr. in Pure Stock action. Welter led the way for most of the 25-lap event with Wilson hot on the rear deck-lid of his No. 58 race car most of the way. A late-race caution set the stage for an exciting finish between the pair now on the front row, side-by-side, for the restart.

On green, Wilson powered to the lead. Welter drove the nose of his race car to the bottom groove as the pair came to the checkered flag, but did not have enough forward motion to secure the win, 0.124 seconds behind Wilson.

Casey Rounds, Danny Maddox, and Kleav Lewis watched the battle in front of them from the remaining top five spots all the way to the stripe, in respective order.

This Saturday, Open Wheel Modifieds are in action for the first time this season for a 50-lap dedication race for Rhet Cooper. Rhet, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, is long-time modified racer Robbie Cooper’s son. The event is heavily sponsored with donations as the racing community has come together in support of Rhet.

Track officials are expecting a huge field of Open Wheel Modified drivers to participate in the night’s $1,200 to win 50-lap event. The Don’s Plumbing Pure Stocks will go 50 laps as well with $900 on the line to the winner. Mini Stocks will go 25 laps with the Mini Stock Figure 8 lasting 15 laps.

Main grandstand gates open at 5:30 p.m. Qualifying/heat race action at 6:30 p.m., features at 7:30 p.m. General admission is $10. Students 17 and under are $5, children 6 and under are free.

Pit gates open at 1 p.m., Practice starts at 3 p.m. Pit Passes are $30. Students 7 and under $15.

Citrus County Speedway

Official Results

Saturday, April 13

Power Logging and Tree Service

Super Late Models

1. (20A) Anthony Sergi

2. (17) Mike Bell

3. (94) Keith Roggen

4. (20) Richie Smith

5. (25) Paul White

6. (3) Jesse Henley

7. (40) Tovia Brynrwicz

8. (47x) Keith Zavrel

9. (29) Kendall Anderson

10. (1) Roger Blevins

11. (21) Brandon Anderson

12. (78) Bubba Martone

13. (75) Dave Pletcher

14. (21A) Alexa Anderson

15. (5k) Daniel Keene Jr.

16. (69A) Jonathan Appleby

17. (2) Brad Bowman

18. (99) Cody Stickler

19. (5) Eric Willis

20. (7) Mike Bresnahan

21. (42) Gator Hise

Division stats: 22 cars. 50 laps. Total Race time: 40:09.017. Margin of Victory: .888 sec. Avg. Speed: 18.680 mph. Best Lap by: (7) Mike Bresnahan, 13.565 sec., 66.347 mph. Post-race disqualification: Original 2nd place finisher (64) Patrick Starpoli, unsportsmanlike conduct after the completion of the race due to an on-track incident with race winner (20A) Anthony Sergi. Pre-race disqualification: (28) TJ Duke, originally set fast time during time trials at 13.266 sec., 67.843 mph, disqualified due to unsportsmanlike conduct after qualifying.

Don’s Plumbing Pure Stocks

1. (94) Sport Wilson

2. (58) Larry Welter Jr.

3. (47) Casey Rounds

4. (82) Danny Maddox

5. (4x) Kleav Lewis

6. (45) James Johnston

7. (4w) Wes Wilson

8. (43) Wesley Rounds

9. (4d) Justin Drobach

10. (32) James Jones

11. (7) Travis Blotz

12. (9) Kate Clouser

13. (56) Larry Crisp

14. (8) AJ Waller

15. (65) Happy Florian

16. (888) Craig Cuzzone

17. (112) BK Williams

18. (15) Tyler Prenesti

19. (22) Mark Patterson

20. (21) Eric Sharrone

Division Stats: 20 cars. 25 of 25 laps. Total Race Time: 32:00:619. Margin of Victory:0.124 sec. Avg. Speed: 11.715. Best Lap by: (58) Larry Welter Jr., 15.856 sec., 56.761 mph.

Mini Stocks

1. (5p) Bryton Prevatt

2. (51) Robert Anthony

3. (13p) Justin Pittman

4. (48x) Gary Sivils

5. (81s) Eric Sharrone

6. (15) Brian Potvin

7. (22L) Lauren Lanier

8. (99L) Jerry Lewis

9. (4w) Steven Wyatt

10. (56) Gary Holliman Sr.

11. (71) Gary Holliman Jr.

12. (13s) Jaso Simens

13. (72) James Charlton

14. (2c) David Carlbert

15. (37R) Rob Raner

Division Stats: 17 cars. 25 of 25 laps. Total Race Time: 18:16.320. Margin of Victory: 2.310 sec. Avg. Speed: 20.523 mph. Best Lap by: (81s) Eric Sharrone, 17.008 sec., 52.916 mph. Post Race Technical Inspection Disqualifications: Original race winner: (5) Thomas Peet, too much camber. Original 2nd Place finisher: (7) Kevin Grant Jr., too much camber.

Modified Mini

1. (1x) Kevin Harrod

2. (15) Doug Hopper

3. (45) Mike Kerrivan

4. (7w) Kenneth Nurse Jr.

5. (77) Rachelle Rudolph

6. (28x) Greg Beeman

7. (25) Tim Scalise

8. (67) Bo Davis

9. (29) Chris Snow

10. (711) Wayne Heater

11. (55) Ron Armillei

12. (7) Clint Foley

13. (71) Sonya Heater

Division Stats: 13 cars. 25 of 25 laps. Total Race Time: 12:58.964. Margin of Victory: 0.708 sec. Avg. Speed: 28.885 mph. Best Lap by: (1x) Kevin Harrod, 15.212 sec., 59.164 mph.

Mini Cup

1. (34) Doug Herrin

2. (07) Maria Martins

3. (18) Leandre Martins

4. (1) Russell Bush

5. (5) Clayton Samuels

6. (88) Wilson Martins Jr.

7. (48) Brey Holmes

Division stats: 7 cars. 20 laps. Total Race time: 12:17.816. Margin of Victory: 0.262 sec. Avg. Speed: 24.396 mph. Best Lap by: (88) Wilson Martins Jr., 15.395 sec., 58.461 mph.

Legends Cars

1. (77) Noah Cornman

2. (74) Sam Cornman

3. (2) Jarrett Wagman

4. (3) Logan Misuraca

5. (3d) Dennis Misuraca

6. (04) Brandon Tayler

7. (18) Dylan Brewer

8. (77s) Steve Carpenter

9. (28) Jason Carpenter

10. (51) Jim Smith

11. (51m) Mark Bartiman

Division stats: 11 cars. 25 laps. Total Race time: 13:46.398. Margin of Victory: 2.973 sec. Avg. Speed: 27.227 mph. Best Lap by: (77) Noah Cornman, 15.241 sec., 59.051 mph.


1. (62) Peanut Waller

2. (1) Aldan Foley

Division stats: 2 cars. 10 laps. Total Race time:9:14.789. Margin of Victory: 4.490 sec. Avg. Speed: 16.222 mph. Best Lap by: (1) Aldan Foley, 18.973 sec., 47.436 mph.

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