INVERNESS — Saturday night’s Pure Stock 25 action was the perfect storm for some, the most frustrating for others, as drivers were forced to scatter across the race track while others were forced to slam on their brakes in other to avoid the mayhem.

The field of 20 took the green in what would be the fastest race of the night at just under six minutes, and saw five lead changes before the 25 laps were complete. James Peters won the event.

“Tonight was some hard racing,” said Wes Wilson after posting a third-place finish for the night.

“Somehow I finished second,” Larry Welter said. Welter and division points leader Sport Wilson were in a heated door-handle-to-door-handle battle as they raced to the finish.

Peters had battled with Sport Wilson laps before the Welter-Wilson race melee, but was able to break away after an attempt by Wilson as the pair came out of the second turn and made contact. That contact was enough to push Peters to a one-car advantage and slow Wilson down enough for Welter to move in for a last-lap battle to the finish.

“Those were some hard few laps,” said race winner Peters from victory lane.

The Welter-Wilson contest continued around the quarter-mile asphalt oval until, as they powered out of the fourth turn, they bounced off each other which caused them both to spin just ahead of the field.

“He got loose and we got tangled,” Welter said of the incident. Welter was able to drive off to a second- place finish ahead of Wes Wilson, who dodged his brother Sport for third.

Sport Wilson sat idle as the field behind him scrambled for the best way to finish the race before refiring his race machine and crossing the finish line 12th overall.

Danny Maddox finished fourth, Casey Rounds fifth.

Noah Cornman’s solid run in the Legends Cars landed him a win over Anthony Cataldi, Sam Cornman, Brandon Taylor and Jarrett Wagman. Cornman has been the sole driver to find victory lane at the Inverness venue this season.

A full field of Pro Trucks turned it into an endurance race to the finish with Derek Pugh outlasting a 25-car field for the win. Fast qualifier Jason Lester finished second ahead of Cody McDuffie, Colt Helsley and Devin McLeod, respectively.

Marred by seven caution periods throughout 44 minutes of race action, track officials were forced to end the 50-lap race four laps shy of the halfway point.

Current Mini Stock point’s leader Thomas Peet came back from a two-week dry spell to win his seventh race in 2019. Peet’s No. 5 race car was on a rail as he drove off to a 6.821 second advantage over second place Eric Sharrone. Justin Pittman, Robert Anthony and Steven Wyatt rounded out the top five. Peet’s fastest lap, 53.613 mph, was just under a half-second behind the new track record set by Eric Sharrone earlier in the night during qualifying heat races. That record was set by Sharrone on lap No. 3 of the eight-lap heat race at 16.658 sec., or 54.028 mph.

Jesse Dutilly became the third winner of the Super Late Model division after 50 laps of fast-paced action after he beat Daniel Keene Jr. to the finish. A two-car battle for third developed with three laps to go and ended at the finish with Brad Bowman taking the spot over Daniel Webster by mere inches. Tovia Grynewicz finished fifth.

Race action continues Saturday, Aug. 24 with “Bring on the Carnage!” The night’s events include School Bus Figure 8, Boat Trailer Race, Flag Pole Race, Chain Race, 60-lap Grocery Getter Enduro and the Demolition Derby. Gates open at 5 p.m., race action at 7 p.m. General admission is $15, students 17 and under are $5, children 6 and under are free.

Citrus County Speedway

Official results

Aug. 10

Pure Stocks

1. (5) James Peters

2. (58) Larry Welter Jr.

3. (50) Wes Wilson*

4. (82) Danny Maddox

5. (AK47) Casey Rounds

6. (AR 15) Wesley Rounds

7. (A5) Thomas Meyer

8. (56h) Bobby Holley

9. (85) Larry Welter Sr.

10. (8) AJ Waller

11. (45) James Johnston

12. (94) Sport Wilson

13. (32) James Jones

14. (56) Larry Crisp

15. (18) Shawn Bailey

16. (7) Travis Blotz*

17. (112) BK Williams

18. (4x) Kleav Lewis

19. (No.7) Ron Bacelo

20. (91) Tommy Schnader

DIVISION STATS: 20 cars. 25 laps. Total Race Time: 6:51.620. Margin of Victory: 17.276 sec. Avg. Speed: 54.662 mph. Best Lap by: (7) Travis Blotz, 16.083 sec, 55.960 mph, lap No. 18. *Heat Race Winner.

Super Late Models

1. (30) Jesse Dutilly*

2. (5k) Daniel Keene Jr.

3. (2) Brad Bowman

4. (47x) Daniel Webster

5. (40) Tovia Grynewicz

6. (75) Dave Pletcher

7. (29) Kendall Anderson

8. (17) Mike Bell

9. (3) Jesse Henley

10. (94) Keith Roggen

11. (22) James Ellis

12. (7x) Doug Elliott

13. (12) Joey Bifare

14. (21) Devin McLeod

15. (5) Eric Willis

16. (7) Mike Bresnahan

17. (88) Rob Kuhn Sr.

DIVISION STATS: 17 cars. 50 laps. Total Race Time: 25:09.460. Margin of Victory: 0.714 sec. Avg. Speed: 29.812 mph. Best Lap By: (30) Jesse Dutilly, 13.678 sec, 65.799 mph, lap No. *Fast Qualifier, (30) Jesse Dutilly, 13.309 sec, 67.623 mph.

Mini Stocks

1. (5) Thomas Peet

2. (81) Eric Sharrone*

3. (13p) Justin Pittman

4. (51) Robert Anthony

5. (6) Steven Wyatt

6. (55) Clinton Cyr

7. (2c) Dodge Carlbert

8. (13s) Greg Johnson

9. (98) Chris Larson

10. (22L) Lauren Lanier

11. (48x) Gary Sivils

DIVISION STATS: 11 cars. 25 laps. Total Race Time: 7:04.527. Margin of Victory: 6.821 sec,. Avg. speed: 53.000 mph. Best Lap by: (5) Thomas Peet, 16.787 sec, 53.613 mph, lap No. 4. *Heat Race Winner. **NEW TRACK RECORD: (81) Eric Sharrone, 16.658 sec, 54.028 mph, lap No. 3 of 8

Pro Truck

1. (3) Derek Pugh

2. (7) Jason Lester*

3. (25) Cody McDuffie

4. (77) Colt Hensley

5. (25w) Devin McLeod

6. (28) Richard Griffs

7. (11c) Bill Carlbert Jr.

8. (44) Paul Grynewicz

9. (48) Jacob Mengel

10. (54) Todd Haag

11. (19) Colt Cecil

12. (92) Brennon Pletcher

13. (50) Danny Anderson

14. (11) Charlie Brown

15. (46) Tawakyah Grynewicz

16. (22) David Fewox

17. (21) Leroy Moore

18. (74) Robert Whitaker

19. (21h) Bryton Horner

20. (37) Jacob Wezniak

21. (11Jr) Carter Brown

22. (18) Shawn Bailey

23. (2) Brad Bailey

24. (94) Rodney Tower

25. (45) Tobyahnah Grynewicz

DIVISION STATS: 25 cars. 21 of 25 laps. Total Race Time: 44:45.912. Margin of Victory: 0.484 sec. Avg. Speed: 7.037 mph. Best Lap by: (50) Danny Anderson, 14.945 sec, 60.221 mph, lap No. 9. *Fast Qualifier: (7) Jason Lester, 14.721 sec, 61.137 mph.

Legend Cars

1. (77) Noah Cornman

2. (65x) Anthony Cataldi*

3. (70) Sam Cornman

4. (04) Brandon Taylor

5. (2) Jarrett Wagman*

6. (03) Stephen Hartley

7. (48) Aris Faria

8. (18) Dylan Brewer

9. (99) Mike Verhaagh

10. (13) Chase Lloyd

11. (65) Rusty Mallett

12. (77J) Jason Carpenter

13. (76) Stephen Carpenter

14. (51m) Mark Bartimac

15. (21h) Bryton Horner

16. (15) Chris Stansberry

17. (27w) Bob Wilson

DIVISION STATS: 17 cars. 25 laps. Total Race Time: 17:33.256. Margin of Victory: 0.891 sec. Avg. Speed: 21.362 mph. Best Lap by: (77) Noah Cornman, 15.209 sec, 59.175 mph, lap no. 23. *Heat Race Winner.

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