Jesse Henley

Jesse Henley celebrates Saturday as he climbs out of his race car after winning the Wheel Man Sportsman Series event at Citrus County Speedway in Inverness. It was the second win for the defending champion of the series this season.

INVERNESS — Jesse Henley took advantage of a late-race caution and some extra help by Rex Struble to power by race leader Brandon Morris to win the Wheel Man Sportsman 50 at Citrus County Speedway on Saturday night.

Henley had followed Morris most of the 50-lap event that saw a pair of long stretches of race action before caution came with just four laps to go, and Henley knew his No. 3 race car was having issues on restarts.

"When the caution came out I said, ‘this is not what we want,’ but when we restarted I think Brandon (Morris) had the same problems we were having," Henley said.

"I hit the gas and it just didn’t go," Morris said.

The caution closed the 1.5 second advantage Morris had on the defending champion, and put the pair side-by-side for the restart.

When the green flag dropped for the final time, Henley was able to power by Morris with the help of Struble, who was right behind him on the outside row.

That push was about to put Henley in the lead

"We got lucky," Henley said.

The win was his second of six events.

Struble followed the race winner to the finish and earned his second top-five finish this season, 0.388 seconds behind.

Morris, who finished the event third, was later disqualified in the post-race technical inspection due to a lightened transmission.

Rounding out the top 10 were Patrick Thomas, Earl Beckner, early race leader Dillon Sivils, fast qualifier Brooke Storer, Jason Vail, Aaron Williamson, Tommy Kelly and Brett Jenkins, respectively.

The Wheel Man Sportsman Series has a number of other local competitors who compete in the series including Kyle Stoner (14th), Art Chambers (15th), Jason Bartram (16th) and Tim Alexander (19th).

Brooke Storer came back to win the Dash for Cash, her second of the season, over Brett Jenkins, Earl Beckner, Dillon Sivils, Patrick Thomas, Richard Elkins Jr. and Aaron Williamson.

Mayhem at the front of the Pure Stock race left early race leader Mike Lawhorn out of contention for the event and Larry Welter Jr. in the winner’s circle.

Lawhorn took the early lead, but drifted high out of turn No. 2 which left the bottom lane open for Welter to take command with Craig Cuzzone right on his tail. Two laps later, Lawhorn and Cuzzone tangled as they entered the third turn, which forced Lawhorn to the pits for a flat tire and Cuzzone disqualified from the race.

With the two out of running, Sport Wilson moved in to contend with Welter, but could not get past the eventual race winner. Defending division champion James Peters followed the pair in third, Travis Blotz fourth and Kleav Lewis fifth.

Thomas Peet continued to be the top Mini Stock contender after beating points leader David Carlbert to the finish by 1.042 seconds. The win was Peet’s fifth of the season and moved him to just eight points out of the lead. Robert Anthony, Brayden Beardman and Brian Tiesmeyer rounded out the top five, respectively.

Nick Malverty outlasted a four-car field of Demolition Derby cars to win the event over Eugene Malverty, Michael Autenrieth and Kris Rummel.

Next week’s race card includes the Inaugural "King of the Open Wheel 100" along with the Outlaw Street Stock 25, Mini Stock 25 and Legends Cars 25. Gates open at 5:30 p.m., qualifying a 6:30 p.m., race action at 7:30 p.m. General admission is $15, students 18 and younger are $5, children 6 and younger are free.

Citrus County Speedway

Official Results

May 25

Wheel Man Sportsman Series 50

1. (3) Jesse Henley

2. (69) Rex Struble

3. (25) Patrick Thomas

4. (71) Earl Beckner

5. (32) Dillon Sivils

6. (9) Brooke Storer*

7. (171) Jason Vail

8. (12w) Aaron Williamson

9. (15) Tommy Kelly

10. (199) Brett Jenkins

11. (55) Richard Elkins Jr.

12. (12) Danny Frye

13. (4r) Rick Reed

14. (7) Kyle Stoner

15. (2c) Art Chambers

16. (73b) Jason Bartram

17. (92) Joe Winchell

18. (67) Colin ALlman

19. (63) Tim Alexander

20. (14) Adam Briggs

DIVISION STATS: 21 cars. 50 laps. Total Race Time: 21:55.782. Margin of Victory: 0.388 sec. Avg. Speed: 34.2 mph. Best Lap By (92) Joe Winchell, 14.214 sec., 63.318 mph. Post-race technical inspection disqualification: (56) Brandon Morris, lightened transmission, originally finished P3. *Fast Qualifier: (9) Brooke Storer, 14.068 sec., 63.975 mph.

Dash for Cash

1. (9) Brooke Storer

2. (199) Brett Jenkins

3. (71) Earl Beckner

4. (32) Dillon Sivils

5. (25) Patrick Thomas

6. (55) Richard Elkins Jr.

7. (12w) Aaron Williamson

DIVISION STATS: 7 cars. 10 laps. Total Race Time: 2:25.066. Margin of Victory: 2.288 sec. Avg. Speed: 62.041 mph. Best Lap by: (9) Brooke Storer, 14.271 sec., 63.065 mph.

Don’s Plumbing Pure Stocks

1. (58) Larry Welter Jr.

2. (94) Sport Wilson

3. (5) James Peters*

4. (7) Travis Blotz

5. (4x) Kleav Lewis

6. (50) Wes Wilson*

7. (65) Happy Florian

8. (45) James Hohnston

9. (47x) Keith Zavrel

10. (8) AJ Waller

11. (82) Danny Maddox

12. (75) Michael Gilkerson II

13. (21) William Waymire

14. (32) James Jones

15. (44) Mike Lawhorn

16. (22) Mark Patterson

17. (56) Larry Crisp

18. (85) Steve Turner

DIVISION STATS: 19 cars. 25 laps. Total Race Time: 36:11.651. Margin of Victory: 0.374 sec. Avg. Speed: 10.361 mph. Best Lap by: (94) Sport Wilson, 15.874 sec., 56.696 mph. DISQUALIFICATION: (888) Craig Cuzzone, on track incident. *Heat Race Winner.

Mini Stocks

1. (5) Thomas Peet

2. (2c) David Carlbert*

3. (51) Robert Anthony

4. (35) Brayden Beardman

5. (85T) Brian Tiesmeyer

6. (55) Clinton Cyr*

7. (22L) Lauren Lanier

8. (4w) Steven Wyatt

9. (2) Lindsey Fockler

10. (48x) Gary Sivils

11. (5T) Steve Turner

12. (72) James Charlton

13. (06) George Gould

14. (13p) Justin Pittman

15. (56) Gary Holliman Sr.

16. (37) Jimmy Hennebohle

17. (17) Gary Holliman Jr.

DIVISION STATS: 19 cars. 25 laps. Total Race Time: 14:25.079. Margin of Victory: 1.042 sec. Avg. Speed 26.009 mph. Best Lap by: (5) Thomas Peet, 17.054 sec., 52.774 mph. DISQUALIFIED: (15) Brian Potvin. *Heat Race Winner.

Demolition Derby

1. (17) Nick Malverty

2. (16) Eugene Malverty

3. (32) Michael Autenrieth

4. (520 Kris Rummel

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