Capt. Rick Burns

Fishing report

We only have nine days until our Nature Coast scallop season officially opens.

It promises to be another good year as pre-scouting reports show. Some are not real big right now, which is understandable and natural this early. However, there’s plenty out there we’re seeing. Give me a holler to book early as the calendar can fill up quick.

The weather last week was fairly nice in the morning, then warmed up pretty good as the day went on. The water temperature last time we were out, which was yesterday, was 82.5 degrees. So yes, it’s warming up quick. And that was in 5 feet of water.

The fishing as of late has been tough, to put it frankly. We’re catching a few fish, but having to really work for them and move around a lot.

I believe the fish know that scallop season is about to open, and know all the traffic that is going to be out there, and bugged out of town.

Just kidding. One reason it’s been a little tough is because with this water warming up so quickly, they are seeking deeper water that is cooler, and they’re also scattering out.

However, the redfishing should pick up even more. They are a lot more tolerable of hotter and colder water temps. Also, the peak spawn will be coming up usually around the new moon of August. It’ll be good a few weeks before and after.

And the decent bite should last right through October. During that time, I usually have at least three rods rigged with various tackle options. For instance, a topwater plug on one, a weedless jerkbait on another, a gold spoon on a third, maybe even a circle hook under a popping cork for cut bait, shrimp, or pinfish on another. Be cocked and ready, because what they may short-strike on one rig, they may inhale on the other offering.

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