From our house to yours, I want to wish you a very much Happy Thanksgiving!

Like you’ve sometimes seen the ole cow holding a sign tapping on your TV screen advertising to eat mo’ chicken, well here’s ole Tom tapping on the paper wishing you to eat more fish. I thought I would share a couple throwback Thursday Thanksgiving thoughts, traditions or memories.

We’ve gotten up many a Thanksgiving morning and before the big feast set off to go do some deer, turkey, hog, dove, or even the easy, no shortage of squirrel hunting. Being with family or relatives in the woods hunting on a crisp cool Thanksgiving morning before the big buffet sure don’t seem to get much better.

While the ladies were making last-minute morning preparations, or mostly just making the "heifer a widow," — you know, "shooting the bull" — we guys were out laboring through the swamp and briars and bugs, hard at work trying to bring forth meat for a future table. Haha. Nah, all kidding aside, the many wonderful southern country dishes prepared are fit for a king and twice as delicious. You could surely tell it was good because it always got real quiet around the table when everybody had their mouths full. Saved myself on that one.

Yet another always fun adventure, especially when we lived on east crooked lake at the time, was to get up early and go out fishing for either bass, bluegills or specks this time of year. Heck, we could go out early and usually catch enough fish for a meal, and be back before ole Santa was riding by in the Macy’s Day parade. Sure enough in time to watch some pigskin ball.

So here’s hoping everybody has to loosen the belt a notch after today. (I know I probably will.) And gets enough fish, squirrel or even turkey on this thankful Thanksgiving Day! Oh yeah, and some pumpkin or pecan or cherry or apple, or sweet tater, or etc., etc., etc. pie.

P.S. And a power nap!

Capt. Rick Burns runs Reel Burns Charters out of Homosassa. He can be contacted at 352-201-6111 or visit his website at

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