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LAKE ROUSSEAU — Bill Burgess of Lake Rousseau RV and Fishing said bass fishing has slowed considerably given the intense heat in the afternoon. Most of the catches are coming early and late in the topwater on plastic worms and wild shiners. Bluegill fishing is also sluggish, with a few being caught in smaller sizes. The only fish that are biting consistently are the catfish, hitting all over the place on mullet and hot dogs, and one angler has used chicken soaked in red Kool-Aid.


WITHLACOOCHEE — Hook-Line and Sinker Bait and Tackle in Inglis reports anglers should work the inshore fish banks and rock structure using soft or live baits for redfish. Flounder are also being caught around inland banks and structure using live shrimp and soft baits. The snook bite has been good, free-line pinfish or cast soft baits. Red snapper are being caught in 70-100 feet of water on cut and live bait. To catch grouper, chum in 25-35 feet of water and use live bait on the bottom.

SALT RIVER — Twin Rivers Marina in Crystal River reports grouper and red snapper are being caught. Top baits are shrimp, thread-fin herring and squid. Scallops are in deeper water, about 10 feet. Check out water conditions by visiting to view a live video feed.


Captain William Toney (352-422-4141) said, “Finding fishing spots and turning them into routes are a daily ritual with me as a full-time inshore guide. Every trip I have planned in my head the direction and spots that I intend to fish, but sometimes weather, wind or another angler already at that location can make me reevaluate the situation and move on to another route.

“Some anglers rely on their GPS and tracks but by having a game plan in your head it’s easy to deviate just a little to catch more fish. One of my most common deviations is wind (the other is another angler on the spot). I always have routes for any wind direction especially when targeting redfish. Some points or spots may be impossible to cast to in certain wind directions so I will go to my routes that are for spots with a particular wind direction to be more successful. Again this is just food for thought to help you become a better angler.

“On the inshore side there are plenty of redfish around on the incoming high tide. Most reds are on the small side but with some keepers mixed in. Try using shrimp or pinfish on the outside points and keys but plan to move on if the spot has not produced in about 15 minutes. A catfish is a sure sign to move on. The rocks from 6 feet out are producing some great eating mangrove snapper. During the period of slack tide on the high tide phase is the best bite. Live shrimp free-lined with a 2/0 Owner hook will get the bite. High incoming tide will be in the afternoon this weekend.”

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