Depending on how much rain fell on the day before or cloud cover or such, the water temps in the shallow scallop flats off our coast have lately been anywhere from 83 to 88 degrees. So it’s prime snorkeling and swimming water. Maybe just not prime scallop pickings right now anyway, like we’ve been spoiled in having the last few years. They don’t know when July 1 was anymore than when it’s mine or your birthday. Conditions have to be favorable, period.

However, give it time and be patient. I believe after the upcoming stronger full moon tides around the 16th, along with continual westerly breezes, and hopefully less rain will move a lot more scallops in. They’re out there. We just need ’em in shallower. I have other grounds to support this that space don’t allow, so if ya feel the need, email me.

I took these scallop pics the other day though with an inexpensive underwater disposable camera. Just to give you some idea as to what I was referring to regarding their blue eyes (see photos in color at I mean, Frank Sinatra ain’t got nothing on a scallops blue eyes! And no, those other things aren’t their teeth. (Thank God). A scallop is actually a bivalve mollusk filter feeder. And those soft feeler looking things aid in filtering the plankton they feed on. If a scallop could talk, I would have to ask him or her, “do you see one of me, 20 or 40 of me?” God forbid.

So bring a waterproof camera or the like when you come on your adventure with me, yourself or somebody else and get some pics or video of our beautiful river scenery and underwater marine world such as corral, baitfish, sponges, starfish, conch, blue silly string urchin thingys, rocks, holes, occasional little spring and other. You get the idea. I have extra cameras on board should you forget. Please just leave your flipper print and the beauty for the next person to enjoy. You got the pics, proof and memories. And icing on the cake with some scallops to go home with. Above all and anything else, be safe, cautious and courteous.

Capt. Rick Burns runs Reel Burns Charters out of Homosassa. He can be contacted at 352-201-6111 or visit his website at

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