1st-$22,000, Claiming $16,000-$12,500, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Six Furlongs

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1More Twirl (L), 121C. Marquez2-2-3William Komlo3/1
2Lucian (L), 118C. Cedeno1-4-6Kieron Magee12/1
3Get Lit (L), 118J. Acosta4-1-4Carlos Mancilla12/1
4Distant Thunder (L), 115J. Hiraldo6-3-1Anthony Aguirre8/1
5Disputed Notion (L), 126T. Lyapustina3-5-6Carlyne Tapscott15/1
6Contraflow (L), 126S. Russell4-5-1Michael Stidham1/2

2nd-$18,000, Claiming $8,000-$6,000, 3-Year-Olds & Up , One Mile and One Sixteenth

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PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Glengar (L), 124X. Perez2-7-4Joel Maldonado9/2
2In Him With Him (L), 124H. Karamanos4-4-6Damon Dilodovico5/1
3Lectric Choke (L), 124J. Ruiz5-1-2Dale Capuano6/1
4Whirlin Curlin (L), 115C. Marquez4-4-5Jonathan Maldonado15/1
5Dashing Lou (L), 119A. Crispin3-7-5Gary Capuano6/1
6Charging Lion (L), 126J. Rosado1-1-3Jamie Ness5/2
7Brutus (L), 124J. Toledo2-3-1Kieron Magee3/1

3rd-$42,000, Allowance, 3-Year-Olds & Up Fillies and Mares (NW1 X), Six Furlongs

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1a-Be Present (L), 123J. Pimentel3-2-9Jorge Duarte, Jr.7/5
2Pretty Edgy (L), 123J. Toledo4-4-2Richard Sillaman9/2
3Larimar (L), 123S. Russell2-6-1Jeremiah O'Dwyer5/2
4a-Tutti Benvenuti (L), 123J. Pimentel3-1-xJorge Duarte, Jr.7/5
5Make It a Double (L), 123Y. Ortiz5-2-3Linda Albert15/1
6Stay Out (L), 116J. Hiraldo1-2-2Dale Capuano3/1
7Melisande (L), 118C. Marquez5-3-4Hassan Elamri30/1


4th-$18,000, Claiming $10,000-$8,000, 3-Year-Olds & Up , One Mile and One Sixteenth

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Aladdin Sane (L), 121C. Marquez2-12-6Cathal Lynch9/5
2Artillery (L), 118J. Acosta5-1-3Jose Corrales12/1
3Tiny Tin (L), 118K. Gomez5-1-7A. Allen, III30/1
4Martini Lane (L), 122G. Whitacre2-3-2Mario Serey, Jr.8/5
5Lasting Image (L), 122J. Toledo7-6-7Jose Magana15/1
6Shaka Style (L), 126H. Karamanos4-5-3A. Allen, III4/1
7Mo American (L), 126K. Davis7-1-4Annette Eubanks15/1
8Spanish d'Oro (L), 118J. Rosado6-6-1Hamilton Smith15/1

5th-$23,000, Claiming $16,000-$12,500, 3-Year-Olds & Up Fillies and Mares, One Mile and One Sixteenth (T)

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1M. J.'s Lady (L), 121C. Marquez7-1-5Kelly Rubley9/2
2Shak's Hidden Gem (L), 117A. Crispin5-6-4Charles Frock20/1
3Car Lady (L), 126A. Chavez3-1-5Jose Corrales5/1
4Rapidashqueen , 126A. Cortez4-6-7Robert Leaf, Jr.12/1
5Paolla's Heart (L), 122F. Lynch4-10-4Thomas Iannotti, IV6/1
6Cairo Queen (L), 126J. Acosta7-4-7Rodolfo Sanchez-Salomon9/2
7Creative Alibi (L), 115J. Hiraldo5-6-1Saul Ramirez20/1
8Pebble Road (L), 126H. Karamanos4-4-1Edward Graham2/1
9Alin Azul (L), 122Y. Ortiz9-9-8Paige Rodriguez15/1

6th-$15,000, Claiming $5,000-$5,000, 3-Year-Olds & Up Fillies and Mares, Six Furlongs

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Bean Indiscreet (L), 119C. Marquez4-1-2Cathal Lynch9/5
2Family Fortune (L), 124G. Whitacre1-4-7Mario Serey, Jr.6/1
3Win Then Grin (L), 117J. Hiraldo6-2-5Joel Maldonado20/1
4Solea (L), 119A. Crispin5-1-1Edwin Merryman3/1
5Perfect Exchange (L), 124L. Corujo8-7-5Agustin Bezara50/1
6Congress Hall (L), 124K. Davis4-2-9Hugh McMahon8/1
7Arbutus (L), 124A. Delgado4-6-4Timothy Vick20/1
8Cougar Vision (L), 124Y. Ortiz1-2-4Dale Bennett5/2

7th-$27,000, Maiden Claiming $25,000-$20,000, 3, 4 & 5-Year-Olds Fillies and Mares, One Mile and One Sixteenth

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Souper Splendor (M), 118V. Carrascox-x-xMichael Trombetta9/2
2Helen Gibson (L), 118J. Acosta2-3-8Claudio Gonzalez5/2
3Writtenbythestars (L), 114L. Corujo5-3-3Derrick Parram10/1
4Steely Band (L), 126J. Betancourt2-2-2Kelly Deiter8/1
5Downcomesthenite (M), 118S. Russellx-x-xBrittany Russell2/1
6Love My Cat (L), 126K. Gomez4-6-7A. Allen, III8/1
7Why Not Tonight (L), 113A. Crispin5-7-3Michael Trombetta6/1

8th-$42,000, Allowance Optional Claiming, 3-Year-Olds , Five and One Half Furlongs

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Kwist (M), 119J. Acosta1-x-xClaudio Gonzalez12/1
2Silent Service (L), 119J. Pimentel6-3-1Michael Trombetta5/1
3Sky's Not Falling (L), 119V. Carrasco5-9-3Michael Trombetta8/1
4It's Sizzling Time (L), 119A. Cortez3-1-1Valrie Smith8/1
5He's Orientate (L), 117C. Marquez1-x-xNancy Heil15/1
6Exculpatory (L), 122S. Russell1-x-xMark Reid8/1
7Dalton , 119J. Toledo2-2-2Jorge Duarte, Jr.8/5
8Sue Loves Barbados (L), 119J. Ruiz2-3-4Dale Capuano7/2

9th-$21,000, Waiver Claiming, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Five Furlongs (T)

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Algodonal (L), 118J. Toledo8-3-5Hassan Elamri6/1
2D C Fireman (L), 119S. Russell1-6-2Kenneth Cox3/1
3Tale of E Dubai (L), 123J. Acosta6-3-8William Jones, Jr.9/2
4Empty Nestr (L), 119A. Cortez7-2-5August Martin30/1
5No Knock Raid (L), 123H. Karamanos8-9-1A. Allen, III5/1
6Big Hambone (L), 114A. Crispin8-6-2John Salzman, Jr.6/1
7Daystrike (L), 119G. Whitacre5-5-9Damon Dilodovico8/1
8Nautical Nature (L), 119Y. Ortiz7-10-4Andres Garibay, Sr.9/2
9Paratycachaca (L), 118C. Marquez1-8-3King Leatherbury15/1
10Pascal Chant (L), 119J. Ruiz7-1-3Dale Capuano4/1
11Golden Emperor (L), 119K. Gomez2-2-1J. Rogers5/1
12Shelly Island (L), 114C. Marquez4-4-2John Salzman, Jr.12/1
13Alltheway to Cairo (L), 117A. Crispin1-2-3Niall Saville7/2
14Jag (L), 123H. Karamanos2-5-2Gary Contessa2/1

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