1st-$8,000, Claiming $2,500-$2,500, 3-Year-Olds & Up Fillies and Mares, Four and One Half Furlongs

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Sarah's Smirk (L), 121A. Locke6-4-8Robert Lucas
2Sapphire Silk (L), 121M. Arana5-5-3Angela Aquino
3Shenandoah Star (L), 123C. Figueroa5-1-4Jorge Rosales
4Electric Elizabeta (L), 120J. Matias1-2-3Jorge Rosales
5Elemental (L), 111D. Herrera3-2-3Roberto Dominguez
6In It for Life , 121E. Garcia4-4-5Arturo Williams
7Stellar Way (L), 121G. Martin4-4-2John Cisneros

2nd-$9,000, Claiming $4,000-$4,000, 3-Year-Olds & Up Fillies and Mares, Four and One Half Furlongs

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PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Some Royalty (L), 111D. Herrera3-1-2Sally Rivera
2Miss Mozart (L), 123C. Figueroa2-2-1Jorge Rosales
3Magicalchic (L), 121E. Rojas Fernandez3-1-3Jesus Uranga
4Naomi Fraley (L), 121J. Sanchez6-1-1Jesus Nunez
5Soprescious (L), 121M. Arana1-4-4Santos Perez
6Blue Butterfly (L), 121F. Orduna-Rojas3-2-2Brian Cunningham

3rd-$11,000, Claiming $5,000-$5,000, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Four and One Half Furlongs

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Captain Fury (L), 111D. Herrera1-2-2Steven Miyadi
2Shared (L), 121A. Locke4-7-4Jaime Lopez
3Dapper (L), 121F. Orduna-Rojas4-7-11Angela Aquino
4According to Plan (L), 123J. Sanchez1-5-2Adriana Vallejo
5Paul L , 114H. Lopez4-5-5Gus Headley
6Legally Gray (L), 121M. Arana3-2-4Angela Aquino

4th-$8,500, , 2-Year-Olds ,

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Cactus Jack , 124O. Andrade, Jr.x-x-xScott Willoughby
2Our Bleu Moon , 121A. Cervantesx-x-xMonty Arrossa
3Separatist for Money , 124C. Mendezx-x-xRoman Figueroa
4Tuxedo Flats , 124R. Sanchezx-x-xPaul Jones
5Southern Best , 124E. Gasca3-x-xJaime Gomez
6Bdr Brave Heart , 124C. Francox-x-xAdan Farias
7Bluecifer , 124E. Nicasiox-x-xJose Flores

5th-$8,500, , 2-Year-Olds ,

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Oughta See Her Fly , 121C. Francox-x-xAdan Farias
2My Martini Moon , 124M. Aranax-x-xJesus Nunez
3Attack Zone , 121E. Gasca4-x-xJose Flores
4Misty Favorite , 121R. Sanchezx-x-xPaul Jones
5Not This World , 121O. Andrade, Jr.6-x-xElena Andrade
6Fortunate Corona , 124J. Nicasiox-x-xMonty Arrossa
7The Swamp , 124R. Lozanox-x-xValentin Zamudio

6th-$8,000, , 2-Year-Olds , Three Furlongs

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Coronas Invader , 124J. Roman2-x-xFelix Gonzalez
2Sebastain , 124H. Lopezx-x-xPaul Jones
3Lukka , 124R. Sanchezx-x-xPaul Jones
4Seems Up , 121O. Andrade, Jr.x-x-xScott Willoughby
5Howling Till Dawn , 121A. Zepedax-x-xTerry Knight
6I Lean , 121C. Mendez3-x-xJose Flores

7th-$8,500, , 3-Year-Olds , Three Furlongs

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Go to Girl (L), 119R. Lozano2-3-2Michael Casselman
2Favorite Fly (L), 124C. Franco4-5-6Clement Hurtado
3Pyromancer (L), 119J. Roman6-6-3Mike Robbins
4Favorite Midnight (L), 124R. Sanchez6-7-5Jorge Farias
5Gonna Make Pie (M), 124A. Zepedax-x-xTerry Knight
6Argumentative (L), 124O. Andrade, Jr.5-x-xScott Willoughby
7Checkmeout (L), 119H. Lopez3-2-4James Glenn, Jr.

8th-$11,425, Claiming $16,000-$16,000, 3-Year-Olds , Three Furlongs

PPHorse (Med Code), Wt.JockeyLast 3TrainerOdds
1Bf Nobodys Foose (L), 124A. Zepeda1-1-6Lindolfo Diaz
2Apolitical Glory Jqm (L), 124C. Mendez7-3-6Jose Flores
3Flex Jet (L), 124R. Lozano5-4-5Valentin Zamudio
4Three Times a Lady (L), 119H. Lopez3-5-5Felix Gonzalez
5Hez Our Star (L), 124O. Andrade, Jr.1-2-2Jorge Farias
6Druski (L), 124R. Sanchez3-2-1Paul Jones

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