Kaitlyn Vacca of Citrus competes in the clean-and-jerk portion of a girls’ weightlifting meet Wednesday at Crystal River High School. Vacca finished second in the 154-pound division. 

CRYSTAL RIVER — Two county teams competed in the Crystal River weight room on Wednesday, and it was a display of a major difference in depth.

Visiting Citrus elected not to use a large contingent of its veteran lifters, a group led by reigning state runner-up Kennedi Blevins, as well as state qualifiers Rebecca Tatun (who was attending an ROTC event) and Victoria Giddens.

But against the short-handed Pirates, who had no one in five weight classes, the Hurricanes still rolled to a 67-10 victory.

“We sat a couple girls,” Citrus head coach Chop Alexander said. “We wanted to give a couple other girls an opportunity to lift today. Just trying to build it; I got a bunch of young girls. But I thought they looked pretty good.”

The ’Canes, having won two of their first three meets, captured first place in every weight class except 101 pounds, in which no one competed.

At 110, Jalena Alexander posted a winning total of 90-100—190, while Jasenia Arrington won at 119 with an 85-80—165. Teah Mellon collected a first at 129, benching 100 and hoisting 130 in the clean-and-jerk for a 230.

“I did pretty good. I gained five pounds from my last total,” Mellon said. “I’m really looking forward to getting that 135 (clean) and really just upping everything that I’m doing right now.

“I went up two weight classes (this season), so I was pretty scared. But so far my totals have been going up, I’ve been doing nothing but gaining, and I feel a lot more like myself than I was at 110.”

Elizabeth Treacy had a 105-105—210 to take 139, the lightest weight in which Crystal River had a lifter, Loys Quiles won at 154 (105-95—200) and Raven Langley compiled a 260 with a 145 bench and 115 clean at 169.

“I felt like I could have done a little bit more on bench, but overall I feel really good,” Langley said. “I’m trying to get my clean-and-jerk up a little bit more, because it’s not where I want it to be. But my bench is definitely progressing every week.

“I want at least a 305 total. It’s reaching for the stars, but I think I can achieve it if I really work hard.”

At 183, Miranda Wilson was first with a 105-115—220, Jaden Buschena notched a first at 199 (125-105—230) and Taylor Trantas got the win at unlimited (130-105—235).

For the Pirates, in their season-opening meet, Chasity Martin finished second at 139 with a 90-80—170 and Alisa Millen was second at 199 (85-80—165).

“It was new for a lot of them, their first time,” Crystal River head coach Randy Owens said. “Our problem is our numbers. We’ve got to get more girls out in the sport. But other than that, I think the girls that were here competed hard. It’s our first meet, so they got a taste of what it’s all about. … We’re still coming along, but we’re getting there.”

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