LECANTO — Citrus powered past Lecanto and Crystal River to take the boys weightlifting county championship Tuesday at Lecanto High School.

The Hurricanes took first place in nine of 10 weight classes, and the only reason they didn’t sweep was because they had no one competing in the 169-pound bracket. Citrus came away with 68 points, while the Panthers placed second with 30 and the Pirates behind them with 14 points.

The win is the second straight county title for the ’Canes.

Though the Hurricanes effectively blew through the competition, the afternoon was not without its excitement.

The lift of the day came courtesy of Citrus’ Christian Solomon, bench pressing 405 pounds in the heavyweight class, besting Panther Sean Rubey by 15 pounds to take the round. Solomon’s 265-pound lift in the clean and jerk secured his first-place finish in the weight class.

After making it look easy on the bench, Solomon said he felt like he could have lifted 415 pounds, which would have topped his personal record of 410. However, with another meet Friday, he didn’t want to overdo it.

“It’s proper placement and breathing; breathing plays one of the most important parts, and maintaining your feet with the ground. As long as your feet are straight, you should be good,” he said.

Teammate Dylan Fruh found himself in a battle with Panther Shane Thornton in the 154-pound weight class. Thornton edged Fruh on the bench with a 315 pound lift (Fruh benched 295), but it was Fruh with a flawless 260 pounds in the clean and jerk to clinch first in the class.

“I practiced with that weight a lot; I was going to go for a PR at 270, but I went for 260 for the win,” he said.

Other champions for the Hurricanes were Griffen Webb at 119, Kyle Ervin at 129, Logan Drew at 139, Brendan Rooks at 183, Trevor Dorman at 199, Dakota West at 219 and 238-pounder William Remeley. Orion Ziegler of Lecanto claimed the title at 169.

Citrus County Boys Weightlifting Championships

March 5 at Lecanto High School

Final team standings

1. Citrus, 68; 2. Lecanto, 30; 3. Crystal River, 14.

Individual place finishers (total weight)

119 pounds

1. Griffen Webb, Citrus, 330; 2. Jared Hicks, Citrus, 295; 3. Nick Alberto, Crystal River, 230.

129 pounds

1. Kyle Ervin, Citrus, 395; 2. Alex Brevarrio, Citrus, 380; 3. Jordan Kusnierz, Crystal River, 195.

139 pounds

1. Logan Drew, Citrus, 415; 2. Seth Rhoades, Citrus, 380; 3. Chandler Gann, Crystal River, 350.

154 pounds

1. Dylan Fruh, Citrus, 555; 2. Shane Thornton, Lecanto, 555; 3. Ariel Torres, Lecanto, 455.

169 pounds

1. Orion Ziegler, Lecanto, 485; 2. Colton Dodd, Lecanto, 455; 3. Noah Bresson, Crystal River, 445.

183 pounds

1. Brendan Rooks, Citrus, 565; 2. Kyle Robinson, Crystal River, 540; 3. Logan Fulford, Citrus, 540.

199 pounds

1. Trevor Dorman, Citrus, 540; 2. Vinny Graham, Lecanto, 495; 3. Charles Newbould, Citrus, 410.

219 pounds

1. Dakota West, Citrus, 595; 2. Geoff Banning, Citrus, 585; 3. Hunter Pitts, Lecanto, 560.

238 pounds

1. William Remeley, Citrus, 640; 2. Dennis Johnson, Lecanto, 600; 3. Javion Mathis, Lecanto, 575.


1. Christian Solomon, Citrus, 670; 2. Sean Rubey, Lecanto, 635; 3. Joseph Bartoli, Citrus, 540.

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