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CitrusCo Citizen

Build a traffic circle!!. They're inexpensive to build, there's enough room there to build a big one, and they'll NEVER quit in a power outage! They're everywhere in Europe and Australia and they work beautifully. Why don't Floridians get smart and put in traffic circles for inexpensive and very efficient traffic circles (roundabouts)? C'mon Citrus County--try for one to think outside of the box of traffic lights.


I think there are several options - the first and most expensive, but never have to be revisited would be the previously suggest "flyover" or more commonly known as an overpass. The next option, second most expensive would be a motion activated traffic light which again would be a somewhat permanent solution. The least expensive and very helpful improvement would be to realign the intersection, so 491 north comes out to Hwy 200 at a 90 degree angle - creating a "T" intersection. This would make it much easier, especially for older folks, to be able to see the north bound traffic on 200.


A traffic light would work, and be useful. A "flyover" from 491N and merging with 200 north would work also, but would likely be much more expensive. The positive thing is no traffic would need to stop unless turning left onto 491 from 200 north> How often does that occur?

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