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Citrus County now has seven positive tests for COVID-19 according to the 11 a.m. update by the Florida Department of Health.

All seven, three men and four women, are county residents.

Three of the cases are travel related.

There have been no deaths reported in the county.

So far, a total of 32 tests have been given with 25 negative and four still pending. Health department officials are monitoring a total of 68 in the county.

There have been 603 positive tests and 12 deaths in Florida.

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They are saying that about the HIPPA so health officials don’t have to have your ok to and signature to release your results makes it a whole lot easier and less complicated so things go smoothly when they send it to others that go up the line not your average civilian. Smh

Native Cracker

This is a scary time for all of us...I have been hibernating for 3 wks now and staying busy.

When I do need to go out , I list the location which I visited on my calendar and special person I needed to contact at that local. This way, in 10 days, if I feel sick, I have better track data to share when I need medical care.....Just trying to be 3 steps ahead....preparation is never a bad thing....take care.....


On 3/13/20 The President enacted the Stafford Act this act releases any regulations like HIPPA now I dont care about having names just would like to know areas of the county we need to avoid this is not an inordinate request. Just trying to keep my family from having the least amount of exposure.


Have to assume virus is everywhere and act accordingly . There are people who are asymptomatic but carrying the virus walking around everywhere. Practice social distancing and good hand washing. I think it would be wise sir 2 week lockdown.


For those wanting more information released on people who are positive for the virus, doctor-patient confidentiality and HIPPA regulations did not cease because of the coronavirus. Their right to privacy is tantamount.

It is also a protection for the community. People are scared. If information is released, anyone living in a 50 mile radius will start panicking, as well as anyone who was in a store they requested three months before they tested positive. Fear would also convince people that they had crossed paths with the individual or knew them from somewhere when they had never been anywhere near the person.

To protect yourself from getting infected, stay at home as much as possible. If you have to go out take precautions like social distancing, lots of handwashing, try not to touch your face, cough and sneeze into your elbow. Avoid fighting with one another and hoarding toilet paper, hand sanitizer, paper towels and leave baby wipes for babies!

Be nice to the store clerks. Right now their jobs are to help you. It's not their fault if they are out of all these things, even with rationing. They are exposing themselves by dealing with the public. They don't need to be yelled at, called names and sworn at.

These are uncertain times and we're all scared. That doesn't give us the right to act like some of have been acting. Be kind and generous. Think of others. It's easy to think of ourselves and our families first. Every other person here are in the same situation.


Thank you. Well put.


Just a few weeks ago there was a case of Hep-A in Homosassa. The location , down to the name of the business, was disclosed as were specific dates when customers who may have been there needed to be concerned. Rightfully so, the individuals name was not given. How is telling the public the "where and when" of Covid-19 infection in Citrus County any different?


Thank you, how can they "cherry pick" when and whom they divulge certain information?


Hep A is spread through contact, in a restaurant, there is no idea who or how many people ate at that facility in a period of time.


That is because patrons and employees should get tested...and vaccinated.

It is also one establishment where the person worked. COVID-19 cases are not limited to one place. Investigations take place on where a person has been for two weeks prior and specific known indviduals the person has seen face to face. It involves their residence, work place, stores, friend and family potentially exposed, travel itinerary, etc.

Hep A is also not an unknown virus. There is plenty of documentation and a vaccine.

SARS-CoV-2 is a completely unknown virus that is easily transmitted to other people. There aren't any treatments or vaccine. We've already demonstrated that there is widespread panic, irrational thinking, and a mob mentality with people buying enough toilet paper, hand sanitizer, bottled water, paper towels and disinfectants to last them a nuclear winter in a hunker. The last information people need are where the person lives or stores visited within a two week period.


You made the secretary of information?! If you are not a healthcare official you should cease and desist. You are adding to disinformation


Well HIPPA as noted by other readers prevents the release of this information. That is not a bad thing. Once thing I don't understand is why the BOCC does not take more action on their own. Appears they are relying on the State Government and other entities for issuing orders for the well being of Citrus County residents. In other words, the BOCC is not enacting enough protections on their own. Citrus is not exempt from the virus, the more the BOCC, can do ahead of time to limit social transmission the better. After the NY times fake news issue and the failure of the BOCC to pay for the subscription, I have little faith in their ability to govern. Best we all can do is heed the CDC directions. I realize it social isolation is tough, but together the good people of Citrus will get through these difficult times..


Ditto your reminder re: CDC guidelines. Your thoughts about BOCC coming up short left me wondering if there were precautions you were referring to.


The state Dept. of Health is the one that receive the test kits, decides who can get a test, and receives the results. Until the CDC confirms it's positive, the test is considered a presumptive positive. If the CDC declares an appositive, then the local Health department is notify by FDOH.

If Citrus County actually had test kits, they would administer the test and send it off to a lab. Because the CDC has to confirm cases, it is easier to go through State health departments then individual local health departments.

I know Emergency Management is responsible for asking 4 emergency supplies from the HHS stockpile, that is running out. However what I don't know is if these supplies are handed out by Emergency Management or by FDOH.

I do know that when a local emergency was declared, it was stated that we would have to work under the guidelines of FDOH and the CDC.

it would be much more comfortable is Citrus County Health department was handling everything, I agree. However when it comes to testing kits and medical supplies, the federal government are fine to deal with local municipalities and counties. They will only go through the states' departments of health and emergency mmanagement. Personally, I think this is much bigger than Citrus County and we should be turning to the state and federal governments for all the help we can get.


It would be nice to know the whereabouts of the infected. But on the other hand it could give a false sense of security and end up making people more apt to be exposed.


I've been symptomatic for days and can't get tested because of CDC guidelines (that's coming from the Florida state health department as of late yesterday afternoon). This business about anyone who's sick being able to get a test simply is not true!


My understanding is that your doctor has to ask for it. But you're right not everyone can get tested because there are not enough test kits to go around. Because of that oh, the State of Florida has to ration whatever test they can between all the counties and where the most positives are which right now is in Broward.

I hope and pray you'll feel better soon. God bless.


Do you understand what HIPAA and doctor - patient privacy and confidentiality means??


I wish Citrus County would at least announce the location of those who tested positive for the COVID-19. It would put residents at ease knowing if it is someone they've been in contact with or around them.

Comment deleted.

Just follow guidelines to protect yourself. They can't release personel information. It violates HIPPA regulations. They are tracking their activity and warning businesses They have frequented. Just can't make it public.


Thank you for your points about "their" follow up. Personally I think it would be more comforting to all, if those announcing the new cases reminded the public that they are interviewing, researching, etc... the person's travels and contacts and notifing those impacted.

Comment deleted.

God doesn't pray, ya'll do.

Native Cracker

My question is: Where is your god now???? Not you Jim.....the others


You are right, God doesn’t pray, he provides. He also loves you and care for you too! Oh, I will pray for you too.

Comment deleted.

Legally, they can't divulge that information. It's doctor-patient confidentiality under HIPPA. Public Health officials are on top of the situation and making sure those who tested positive are isolated and can't infect anyone else.

If you are worried, please stay at home and practice social distancing in public.


Think of everyplace your have been in the last 14 days and how many people did you see? Any one of them might have been the person so what would you do? The only way to keep yourself safe is to avoid going out and practicing safe hand washing

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