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This initiative does nothing to reduce waste. It just requires more energy be spent on the waste we already have, so we'll need more power plants if this type of solution is adopted widely.


What kind of bottles? If the county wants to recycle we should be able to put out with the trash i n containers. People who throw trash out won't recycle anyway.


The state of Florida does not need this. The local taxpayers will end up paying for this.


How will they recycle the glass? We can't put it in our recycle bins now.


Hi, I asked the sanitation dept. in my area (Inverness) and was told that glass bottles do go in with recycleables. The Chronical story on this was wrong.

One Dutchess

There is a good market for recycled aluminum cans, but not for glass and plastic bottles. What good will a bottle tax do if there is no market for the stuff collected? Unless the manufacturers start taking responsibility for the packaging of their product and reusing or refilling, then the tax will do nothing but create a huge pile of waste!


This is just another back door tax. I already pay for the recycling of these items in my local taxes. This is just another tax for everyone because a few don't do the right thing. I escaped a 'liberal' state that had this, then it was plastic bags and straws and anything else they could think of to tax. It doesn't help the environment one bit. The people who are going to litter are still going to litter. Its just another way to seperate you from your money.

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