Don’t agree with sheriff on open carry

Last week, the sheriff had a column praising the bill that will bring permitless carry to Florida (Sunday, March 5, Page C3, titled, “I strongly support the Constitutional Carry bill”). Imagine any one of us will be free to carry around a hidden, loaded gun with no training. Background checks – who needs one? Florida has refused to close the loophole that lets any one of us buy weapons of our choice online or from a deal made in a parking lot or behind a store. And not just you and me, anyone from any state will be welcome to pack heat in Florida. It’s easy for elected officials to pontificate about how good this will be for Florida. The hypocrisy is that they don’t allow guns in their own chambers or office buildings. All the data shows that states that do away with concealed carry permitting see a 10 percent to 20 percent increase in firearm homicides after passage. How will that look in Citrus, in Florida? Are we really willing to take this risk?

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