• This is a “Poop in the Shoe” shout-out to Gerry Mulligan, who was on the front page of his own paper in his Crystal River park ribbon-cutting with seven of our city leaders and him all together within inches of each other without a mask (in the July 25, 2020, front-page photo). There isn’t a day that goes by in the Chronicle that doesn’t admonish the government and citizens for not doing the mask thing and there he is right in the middle of the whole thing, inches next to everybody else. So there you go, Gerry, “Poop in the Shoe” to you.

Editor’s note: Mr. Mulligan is shown standing in the back wearing a mask.

  • I was at Walmart in Inverness on Saturday and they’re passing out masks as you go in. I think it’s the smartest move any grocery store or any store has made yet. Thanks for doing that, Walmart. We appreciate you.
  • I went shopping yesterday at one of the large home supply stores. Before you enter the store, there were three large signs stating that masks were required and inside the front door, there was a table with free masks if you didn’t have one. As I walked through the store, there were people with no masks and others with masks under their chins. Why do people need to be arrogant, pompous, ignorant narcissists who obviously could care less about anyone else? I’m assuming stores are making rules but not enforcing them.
  • I want to ask a simple question: If this virus is so bad that we have to wear masks everywhere, where are all the red biohazard bins for bio-hazardous waste? I believe that every store should have a red bio-hazardous bin or every hospital, every post office, every government entity and maybe the garbage pickup, the landfill, should have red bio-hazardous waste bins for us to dispose of used masks. I think this is a legitimate question and I don’t think it should be on the backs of the people. I think the individual businesses that are requiring people to wear masks should have these there and they should supply the masks.
  • With numbers of 79% of the people in Florida wanting masks required, it’s about time that the citizens start speaking up.
  • This is for all Citrus County residents: I am so disappointed in our residents that they cannot wear a mask for a brief time. When you walk into a store — a grocery store, department store or I don’t care what store it is — the signs are there to “please wear a mask.” You could walk into them and you still would not wear a mask. Don’t you care about other people or yourself? Would you like to bring the virus home to your family, to young children if you have them, to young grandchildren if you have them? Grow up, Citrus County, and wise up. This virus is dangerous and no one is giving a hoot. I’m so disappointed in our residents. The numbers climb and we’ve got idiots that go into stores that refuse to wear a mask because it’s beneath them. Go figure that one out. Well, that’s all I had to say. I’m just very disappointed in our residents. Wash your hands, wear a mask and God bless all.
  • Several people commented on the ribbon-cutting group standing close together and no masks. Wouldn’t you think that these people in leadership positions, Mayor Meek, and all the do-gooder groups or any group, would be the first to show that wearing masks is what you are supposed to be doing if they want their picture in the paper? And the Chronicle should not put them in unless they are adhering to the rule. This is exactly one of the reasons why we are having to deal with this pandemic for such a long time.
  • Years ago when I was growing up, if a person wore a mask, they were the bad guys. Today if a person doesn’t wear a mask, they are the bad guys. How times have changed.
  • My question is when is the governor going to make masks mandatory and a fine? It is a joke. You go in the stores and some have them on and some don’t. I think we need to get rid of this and the only way is wear a mask.