• (Re the Dec. 2, Page A3 story, “County water use near permit limit”): The county commissioners maybe are thinking about cutting back on the residential water? How about cutting out that company that takes out thousands and thousands of gallons of water a day to sell? ... That’s the first thing that should be cut, not the residential. That’s ridiculous. We don’t use as much in a year as they take out in one day. This has got to put a stop to the freebies. It’s about time they start thinking about the residential people and not the companies.
  • Speaking of water usage, is the bottling company from out of this county still getting our water for free in Crystal River?
  • Well, here we go again with the Citrus County clowns. Now they’re going to tell us how much water we can use. They’ve really got their hands full. How much water should a man use in a day’s time. Should we tax them? Make them buy a permit? They tried to tell you what to read. Now they want to tell you how much water you can use. They’re really something else. What a bunch of clowns. Good luck, clowns. Happy watering.
  • Well, you’ve got to love Swiftmud telling Citrus County to start water restrictions like they’re some kind of savior of our watershed, while they keep approving millions a day going to new development — sucking this water out of our aquifer, killing our rivers — and then they tell us to use less water so that they can sell it to some developer in another county. Atrocious. By the say, I’m sure glad Mr. Oliver gets to spend another half a million dollars on salaries for the county government that’s been vacant all these months. Boy, I didn’t even notice. Did anybody else in the county notice the vacancies? Are these jobs really needed? And why are they paid so much? I think the commissioners should be cutting back on salaries, not adding them.

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