• I’m responding in Sound Off to (the Dec. 4 front-page story) “Board urges public to ease up on irrigation.” Really, irrigation? Yet you let a company take thousands and thousands of gallons from our water resources for a $50 permit. Really? Why don’t we stop that first before we at least do something with irrigation. I think we should start there. Seems like you don’t want to stop it.
  • The board is asking us to ease up on irrigation. Well, stop that dude from pumping water out of that well in Crystal River and maybe we’ll ease up on this irrigation.
  • I’m tired of reading about the constant complaints about over water usage. There is such a simple solution to this. From what I’ve read, the desired monthly usage rate is very, very generous. So the simple solution is to, for every thousand gallons you go over that monthly desired amount, we charge you $100. See if they still want to water their lawns on a constant basis once you hit them in the pocketbook. I can’t believe that someone hasn’t thought of this before, but then again, hey, I’m in Citrus County.

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