• Boy, it looks like the low or no-tippers were out en masse in today’s paper (Jan. 16’s Sound Offs titled, “Tipping is the customer’s prerogative,” “Server using phone means smaller tip,” and “Time for you to look for a new profession”). They keep making excuses for why they will not tip servers. Once again, look in the mirror and just say: “I’m a very cheap person. I want to keep the money for myself. I’m not going to give a good tip.” We’re not trying to demoralize you; we’re just trying to embarrass you to make you stop being so cheap.
  • In response to tipping: I go out to breakfast with my wife. The waitress brings me a glass of water, a cup of coffee and my breakfast plate. The bill is about $20. I tip her 20%, which equals $4. I go out to dinner with my wife. My waitress brings me a glass of water, a glass of wine and my dinner plate. Dinner comes out to $80, times 20% equals $16. Same amount of work; same good service. How is this fair?
  • One thing that was made painfully clear by today’s paper is waiters and waitresses need to be paid a minimum wage, at the very minimum. Three items today stated where people don’t have to tip if they don’t want to. These people are supposedly paying taxes on the estimated tips they’re getting. So if they’re not even getting that, they’re falling farther behind by taxing on income. It’s just not fair that greedy people can destroy other people’s lives by not helping them have a living wage. Shame on you.
  • When you go to these restaurants that have buffets and the waitresses, they don’t wait on you and bring your food to you. All they do, they bring you your tea and clear your table and sometimes they don’t even come back to ask if you want an extra cup of tea. And then you want me to give them at least a 15% tip? You’ve got to be kidding.

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