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  • (Re Tuesday, Sept. 21’s front-page story, “Malicious TikTok fad hits schools,” “‘Devious licks’ trend encourages feats of theft, vandalism for bragging rights on social media”): I’m just reading about the “devious licks” TikTok chain going on. Back when I was in school and they still had corporal punishment, there would have definitely been some devious licks going on and this would not be happening.
  • In reference to the TikTok fad that has hit our schools in Citrus County: I believe any student committing vandalism of school property who fails to pay the cost of replacement should have to wait an extra year to apply for a driver’s license. Otherwise, I’m sure that one of our commissioners will find a new MSBU for property owners to cover this cost.
  • I’m responding to Sound Off to this TikTok crap that these kids are putting on their phones and destroying and vandalizing the schools. Let me tell you something, just don’t allow cellphones into the schools, period. Eventually, they’re going to come through and tell you who’s using it, the TikTok. I think it’s totally ridiculous to allow phones and cellphones in school to begin with. There’s no need for them there. And I don’t want to hear they’re for safety reasons, like for what happened at the shootings at the other schools…They do not need cellphones in schools, period

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