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  • (Re Thursday, Oct. 7’s front-page story, “Davis: Revenue needed for roads”): Forget about the 1-cent additional sales tax. Why would we need that when our government is proposing a $3.7 trillion infrastructure improvement program? With $3.7 trillion, the $10 million that our commissioners say we need for road improvements represents .000003% of that infrastructure bill. I’m sure the money’s coming our way. Have a good day.
  • I’m responding to your (Saturday, Oct. 9, front-page) article, “How to find out if your road was resurfaced.” I’d like this question answered down the road: It says that in 2020, we resurfaced 120 roads but the year before that, we only resurfaced 67 roads. So why such the increase? Where did that money go? Apparently it went somewhere else. How do you jump from 67 to 120? Makes you wonder. They’re using the money elsewhere. So I think all the gas tax money should be looked into to see where that money was being spent, because apparently it definitely wasn’t gong to the roads. So, no taxes. Let’s find out where all that money went to.
  • A sales tax increase is not the way to enhance road resurfacing in the county. While gas tax is relatively high in Florida, we still do not pay state income taxes. Our Florida Legislature should look at the current gasoline tax as it relates to inflation, greater vehicle fuel economy and more electric vehicles on the road, not just a problem for the BOCC. A few cents more per gallon would be a better answer.
  • My wife was right on target again. Let (Ruthie) Schlabach and (Holly) Davis get in there for a little bit and then the power goes to their head and we need more taxes. Doesn’t make any difference, they’ll always be a politician.

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