• (Re the Dec. 4 front-page story, “BOCC: We’re a Second Amendment Sanctuary”): Thank you, commissioners, for your unanimous vote on our Second Amendment. We are firm believers. Yes, there are people out there who abuse the gun laws. We are not one. My husband and I have guns. My family all have guns — hunting and other guns. This is a privilege and an honor of the Second Amendment which should never be destroyed, like they try to do with so many other things. It’s not the guns that kill people; it’s the people who kill. Animals kill for survival. People kill because they’re evil. The guns have nothing to do with it. They sometimes wind up in the wrong hands. However, it is our right to protect ourselves. Good to the commissioners.
  • The commissioners have already abridged my Second Amendment rights. They’ve passed laws banning guns in their workplace. They love the law banning my carrying firearms into where they meet, but other gun laws, the commissioners get to pick and choose which laws they want to enforce? Must be nice. The commissioners must not have enough to do. What’s next — banning Sharia law in Citrus County? Just asking for a friend.
  • I want to congratulate our county commissioners for their pushing us into the category of one of the most backwater counties in the country after their deal with the New York Times and putting us on the list of almost a book-burning county. Now they’re doing the Second Amendment rights nonsense. I’m a gun owner, but let’s not be stupid. They say they have constitutional rights. Don’t they understand the Constitution provides for Congress to make laws and if they make laws, we’re supposed to obey them? And some local commissioners saying we don’t have to is nonsense.

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