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  • I’m responding to (the Friday, April 23, 2021, front-page story) “County eyes Rock Crusher Canyon,” to purchase the property for $3.5 million. No, no, no! Do not waste taxpayers’ money buying property so you can enhance it for tourists to come from out of our area to use it. Use that $3.5 million to build an animal shelter or put it towards the roads, which is really needed. You want all these tourist people to come here, but meanwhile our roads are a mess.
  • I read in the paper where Commissioner Davis wants to buy the Rock Crusher property and use it to make money in tourism. This seems strange to me because we can’t find the money for an animal shelter, but we can find the money to buy a property that even the owners are having trouble keeping afloat. What makes her think that the county can keep it afloat and that we should spend $3.5 million on that?
  • Well, here we go again with the county commissioners making a stupid proposal. Don’t buy Rock Crusher (Canyon). Why don’t you guys just get on with it and build a new shelter for these animals? Shame on all of you that don’t want it. You don’t need a Taj Mahal, I agree, but you do need something better.

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