• I’m calling about the (Jan. 23) Sound Off, “Feeding the cats was a mistake,” and I wanted to say that it’s never a mistake to feed people or animals. And if you don’t want to feed them, well, I feel sorry for you. Just go and talk to the people that supposedly own them, but keep feeding them. It’s probably the best thing you’re doing right now.
  • I’m responding to the Sound Off, “Feeding the cats was a mistake.” 1. It’s a mistake. 2. It’s still a mistake because you’re constantly still feeding them. You have to stop the food source. Did you ever consider they can get killed coming over to your house just to get food? Did you ever consider that? Instead you think you’re feeding them and they’re not going to get killed. They can get killed anywhere. So you need to stop the food chain. Stop it and whatever happens, happens. Eventually they will stop. Eventually they’ll still look for food and they could still get killed down the road somewhere else. So the point is, stop the food source.
  • I was reading in the Chronicle today in the Sound Off about this lady complaining she was 88 years old and feeding these cats. Well, I have one thing to say: What else have you got to do when you’re 88 years old?

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