• I’m responding to the (Jan. 23) Sound Off, “Churchgoers can’t go to Farmers Market.” What is really annoying is saying, “Don’t they realize the majority of the people either are in church or should be in church at that time of day?” Really? What’s wrong with Friday or Saturday? Did you ever think I go to church on Saturday instead of Sunday? Did they ever consider that? I don’t have a problem with it. So even if you go to church at the 11 o’clock mass — you know, if you’re a Catholic, I guess — you can still do your shopping. Or you can go to 8 o’clock mass and finish church and still go do your shopping. So you’re just making excuses. As far as you saying that everyone should be in church at that time of day? What’s wrong with you? You have no right to say that. If they don’t want to go to church, they don’t have to go to church. It’s open 9 to 1, but I think they should extend the hours. You either need to pick a different mass to go to and if you don’t like it, then you don’t go.
  • OK, here we go again with somebody saying that everybody needs to be in church on Sunday. This is in relation to “Churchgoers can’t go to Farmers Market.” It said it’s only from 9 to 1 and doesn’t everybody realize the majority of people are either in church or should be? Well, I’ve got news for you: There’s a lot of people who don’t go to church and there’s nothing wrong with them. As a matter of fact, we go to Golden Corral every Sunday and we’re there about 10 o’clock eating breakfast and there’s a whole bunch of other people, OK, that are there with us. You know, what I get tired of is people who try to shove their religion down somebody else’s throat. Just because you go to church doesn’t mean everybody else has to. They said, “I hope they never make a success of it if they can’t put it when the average person can be there to shop.” Well, what in the world are they learning in church? Because it certainly isn’t goodwill to thy neighbor if they hope they don’t make a success out of it. They should be ashamed of themselves.
  • I truly loved the post today from the person complaining about the Farmers Market up in Inverness being held between 9 and 1 o’clock because it’s a time when people are in church or should be in church. I don’t know where this person gets off telling people they should be in church. My personal observation is that most of the problems in the world today are caused by religious fanatics, so we’d be better off if everybody just went to the Farmers Market and forgot about the other stuff.

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