• I read your article on the front page of the paper this morning (March 22) titled, “Keep your distance but have some fun.” It was also including a photograph of a young man throwing a Frisbee, stating that he was tossing a flying disk to several friends. I’m just curious; they are telling people not to play tennis because the virus could be on the tennis ball, passing it around. The NBA stars may not have touched each other; they may have gotten the virus from the basketball. I think this is giving people the wrong idea and they should be reminded keeping your distance includes surfaces that you touch.
  • It’s Sunday (March 22) and I’m reading in the paper everybody’s complaining about the “StupidPalooza” and “Stupid” Palooza is exactly what it was. Maybe I’d like to point out one other thing: I was heading to my wife’s house Saturday, March 14, and I passed by the raceway. Not only was it open, but it was so packed — elbow-to-elbow, standing-room-only — like crammed sardines in a can. There wasn’t even room for a microbe in that place and nobody’s thinking a thing about it. I mean, the entire stadium was packed to the gills with people. Everybody’s complaining about large gatherings — and rightfully so — but I think maybe that racetrack needs to shut down for awhile if they’re going to do what they did. What I saw that Saturday night was just absolutely ridiculous, not to mention the food vendors and everything else in there. So yeah, “StupidPalooza” was ridiculous, but that racetrack takes the cake. Everybody stay safe and please, please, please don’t stack up in lines at the supermarket. Keep a wagon in front of you and a wagon behind you or something, but stay safe. Have a great time and stay safe, people.
  • I’m responding to Sound Off in reference to the ShrimpaPalooza. I think it’s ridiculous that they had it and it just shows you, the people don’t care. The people that went, they just have no respect and they don’t care if they give this virus to anybody. So for us to hold the ShrimpaPalooza — if we did hold it — that was totally wrong and disrespectful.
  • This is Saturday afternoon and I went to Walmart out of necessity and I have to thank all those workers in Walmart that are trying to get the shelves stocked and they’re really, really working hard. God bless them, but, the people who are hoarding…they are absolutely obnoxious people that are doing that and very selfish. You know, you don’t have to hoard. Just take enough. Walmart is very good with stocking everything and they’re very hard workers doing everything, so God bless them. Those hoarders are ridiculous and they’re all insane. Have a great day and I hope this is printed.
  • I have a question: When this coronavirus started about three weeks or so ago, I went ahead and just ordered some masks, thinking that I probably wouldn’t need them and if I did, I could use them in the yard or whatever. Well, they’re coming. It’s taken them all this long to get here and the tracking device says they’re coming from China and now I am a little bit afraid. Should I be afraid of using these masks that were made in China? If someone knows the answer to this, please, I’d like and answer. I’m even afraid to open the box when it gets here.

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To the person who's worried about contracting the virus from a shipment of masks from China: according to a 3/17 advisory from the National Institutes of Health, the virus can persist on cardboard for 24 hours and on other surfaces (such as plastic and metal) for a few days. So, if the item has been in transit for several days, you should be okay, at least according to the NIH.

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