• I’m responding to (the Nov. 6 Sound Off titled) “Cable bill goes up, TV service doesn’t”: I totally agree with you, but the point is that many people I’ve seen are turning in their cable boxes and they’re going to streaming to different companies and it’s cheaper. So that’s the best thing for you to do, like many other people, and you’ll be a lot happier. Because cable’s going to go in and out, regardless if the weather’s cold, rainy or windy, and they’re all going to do it. A lot of people are going to streaming now — that’s the big thing — so turn your cable boxes in and go to streaming.
  • I’m calling in regards to the Sound Off today, Wednesday, Nov. 6, about the cable company. Yes, the bill keeps going up. The service is lousy. They’re about to price their self right out of having any customers because everybody’s going to an alternative way to watch TV. Next time they have it at the library about alternative ways from the cable company, I’m going to go and learn because I’m going to drop my bill, too. I can’t believe they keep charging so much for so little. I agree totally with the caller today.
  • Yes, I am in agreement on the cable bill problem. It has gone up twice in the past month. The programs are lousy, besides. It’s my highest monthly bill. The programs are lousy, besides. Give us a break.

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