Sound OFF
  • Today’s Wednesday, Jan. 20 — a great day, finally. Anyway, I’m calling about the (front-page) article today about the launching ramp fees and I pose some questions to the county commissioners: If you’re going to charge us to use what used to be a free ramp and you’re going to charge us for the privilege of using that free ramp, are you going to now charge us for parking also or are you going to charge us for parking to use the ramp for free like they do at Chazz? That campground has become a cash cow. ... Kayaks and canoes — what are you going to do with them? They don’t get there on their own. They get transported there somehow. Are they going to pay the launching ramp fee, too? They’re going to use the same parking spaces — in fact, more. You’ve got a lot of work to do here, commissioners, before anybody’s going to support this nonsense. The parking in Citrus County at the launching ramps is an absolute abomination ...
  • It appears from the discussion, questioning, posturing and favoring of boat-launch fees at the BOCC meeting of Jan. 19, the five-member board has not done their homework for this grant project. Where is the business principle of estimated fee income vs. cost of implementation? No wonder this has been an on-again-off-again project over the last two years. Put some facts and estimates on the agenda for the Feb. 9 public hearing. The large and profitable boating industry here and the recreational interests of thousands of citizens and visitors deserve nothing less. After all, many of us chose to live in this county due to the waterborne access of the Gulf of Mexico, Withlacoochee River and Lake Tsala Apopka. Let’s have some facts and estimates for the Feb. 9 meeting. This may not be the goose that lays the golden egg.
  • As usual, the commissioners are rehashing an old plot to (get) more money from the people that live here — people that use the boat ramps. Well, why do you think most of the tourists come here? They come here to use the waterways. Last time they tried it, they found out they couldn’t make any money on it. It costs more money to enforce it and regulate it. All the extra government people that would be hired and all the mess costs money. Basically, all we would get is less money for the public and a bigger government. Boy, that’s just a thing we don’t need is a bigger government. Government costs money. Every time they hire an employee, it costs the taxpayers money. They don’t own these boat ramps. These are for the public. Let’s build a new boat ramp. Let’s build some new parking. You just want to charge us for what’s already existing. As usual, every time we get a couple new commissioners, they talk a good story when they’re running for office but they fall right in line with the fees and more taxes. It never seems to fail.
  • I would like to remind the county commissioners in Citrus County on their proposal of a boat-launching fee at their ramps in Citrus County, don’t forget us snowbirds who pay county taxes in this area also. It needs to be addressed.
  • BOCC: Don’t stop now with a boat-launch fee program for recreational access fees in our county. Equality is the name of the game, so let’s consider access passes for bike trails and county parks.
  • I’m responding to the “Hot Corer: Boat Ramp Fees” (Page A7, Thursday, Jan. 21, 2021): I don’t own a boat and don’t care, but I do believe that during scallop season you should charge double the amount to enter your boat and I think all Citrus County residents should not have to pay a boat fee. It should be free for them. I do agree with the person that said the people on the bicycles should pay a fee to use the bicycle (trails). They’re always complaining there’s glass, they’re dirty or whatever. Why don’t they pay a fee to ride their bicycle (trails)?
  • This is in subject to reading the “Hot Corner” about people giving their say about our boat ramps and everything. I agree with the one fellow. I am a lifelong resident, been here all my life, so why should I pay to launch my boat? I say launch for free. Like the man says, let’s charge the bicyclists to ride our paths on the trailhead. Next they’re going to probably want a fee to sit out at Gulf Island Beach to watch the pigeons and feed the seagulls and they should get a fee for that.
  • This is about the county commissioners and boat ramp fees. It’s going to end up costing them more than they think. I was already considering leaving the county myself as a lifelong Florida resident, but I know five people who’ve put their houses up for sale who said they won’t be back. So they better rethink what they want to do.
  • Boat ramp issues and where do we go from here? A nickel-and-dime approach won’t work. Come back in 20 years and the problem will still be here. A large — and I mean large — multi-ramp launch area at the barge canal is not just desirable, but necessary. When the singular, unlighted boat ramp at the barge canal opened in the ’70s, my wife and I drove from Lecanto to use it for a quick four-mile trip into the Gulf. We did not have to pass any manatee speed zones, so we were fishing quickly. We are at the point of need of ... going big on boat ramps. I would suggest 10 ramps with parking for 100 or more cars at the barge canal. Many of our boaters come from Marion County, so State Road 40 or Dunnellon Road would be an easy access for them. Time to go big. A nickel-and-dime approach will not work.