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It’s time to change the laws

Here we go again in Citrus County — the big newspaper with all the delinquent taxes not paid on homes and businesses, etc. (Friday, May 7). Who’s going to foot the bill? The people that pay the taxes. They’re going to increase our taxes to make up the difference, which is really pathetic. The point is, it’s been going on for years. You’d figure you’d come up with a better plan to say, “No, we need to just collect the taxes upfront or you don’t do your business.” That’s the bottom line. This is getting to be ridiculous. All these people get away without paying taxes. Then the people that pay their taxes, we’re the ones that’s going to have to suffer because you’re going to raise our taxes to make up the deficit. No, start changing your plan about the tax base now. Start collecting them early. Don’t wait a couple of months to check the taxes. No, change the laws. It’s time to change. How much longer does it take to do things? But again, this is Citrus County. They wait ’til the last minute ’til things are done before they decide they’re going to do something.

Make your own electricity

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(Re Friday, May 7’s front-page story, “Wawa opening electrifies city.”) To the (man) who is going to come to the new Wawa so they can charge their Tesla, I have a suggestion: Buy yourself a stationary bike for home, hook up a generator to it and generate your own electric. ... LOL!

Higher bonds keep us safe

I think it’s kind of ridiculous. We need to change the laws here in Citrus County. All these criminals that I’m reading, they want to wait now to go to their sentence hearing dates and it’s already months behind. Really? If they’re found guilty, why don’t you just put the time on them right then and there, whatever prison time they’re doing? This is a joke. You make this article (Friday, May 7’s front-page story, “Attempted murder case gets trial date,” “Other cases continue to move forward”), where this guy left the scene after shooting and the deputy had a warrant for his arrest. He was released on a $2,500 bond. Really? The $2,500 bond was $250 that this guy got out on, not $2,500. It’s only $2,500 if he absconds or doesn’t return to court, then it’s $2,500. Until then, it’s a measly $250 and he gets out to roam our streets. Really?

What about the bottling plants

(Re Friday, May 7’s front-page story, “Inverness officials prep for possible fight over water,” “State eyes lower pumping limit”): I see Inverness wants to cut back on well water consumption. Why doesn’t all of its residents get together to apply for a $50 permit so we can withdraw millions of gallons? Don’t even worry about it. If (a water bottling company) can do it, why can’t we? Is there a double standard here? How come they can withdraw millions of gallons of water on a $50 permit, but now you want to limit my well water?

Where’s the coverage on prayer day

It’s Friday, May 7. I just finished looking through today’s edition of the Chronicle. There’s absolutely no coverage or even mention of National Day of Prayer in Crystal River. In a time that we need to unite in prayer, the Chronicle didn’t even give any notation or announcement to the event in Crystal River. That’s a shame.

(Editor’s note: National Day of Prayer coverage printed on page A3 on Friday, May 7.)

What’s going on in Beverly Hills

I’m calling to find out what the problem is that’s going on with Beverly Hills. The electric has gone out three times now in less than one month. It went out again this morning about 4 a.m. today, May 7. On top of that, some residents have lost their water at least once and the Wi-Fi is constantly going out. There’s been a lot of digging and construction going on in the Forest Ridge Boulevard and surrounding areas and I’m wondering who those people are and if they’re the people responsible for all of these problems. Someone has to be held accountable. Please find out who these people are and what they’re doing.

Signs flashing but nobody there

To the elementary school here on Pleasant Grove Road: With today’s technology or even the old-fashioned way, nobody can tell time? It is 9:37 in the morning and the traffic signs are still flashing yellow for 20 mph. Meanwhile, there’s no school crossing guards. Nobody’s there, but traffic is impeded slowly at 20 mph. There’s nobody going to school at 9:37 a.m., so why are the signs flashing?

Proof is in the projects

This Sound Off, I would call “Repeat offenders.” Practically every project of Citrus County leaders, elected or not, have shown dollars are more important than humans’ or animals’ well-being. To delay building a known-needed animal shelter harms animals and increases costs.

County needs a careful plan

Citrus County received $29 million from the American Rescue Plan. The county now needs to carefully plan how to use it properly and include all our people and our environment…

More enforcement needed in Inverness

I live a little bit on the outskirts of Inverness on South Pleasant Grove Road where the road is 55 mph. Man, do they wake you up with their traffic zooming by going over 100 mph, just zooming by, hitting the gas. No sheriff’s deputies are around to stop them, no one to give them tickets. It’s an open raceway.