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There are still honest people out there

I would like to thank whoever it was that turned in my watch to customer service at the Homosassa Walmart. Apparently my watchband broke and the watch fell in the produce department. There are still honest people out there. Thank you again and may God bless.

Tebow is outstanding citizen

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After having lived in Gainesville for 47 years while Tim Tebow played football for the University of Florida and seeing firsthand what a wonderful young man he was and continues to be, I was deeply offended at the disparaging cartoon you had in your Monday, June 7, Chronicle (Page A6). You forgot to stress the wonderful things he has done as a role model for children, his peers and other adults. He spends time as a missionary as a religious man and is generous with his charitable donations. He is an outstanding man in every way.

Offensive noise is subjective

(Re the Wednesday, June 9, front-page story, “Board targets rowdy crowds,” “Officials want tools to help control behavior of weekend revelers at springs”), in regard to the noise ordinance in Homosassa Springs: What an elitist attitude for a few and not the masses. The water belongs to all. What about other Citrus County neighborhoods? Offensive music and behavior is an opinion only. I might like opera, you might like rap — who’s to judge? There are current ordinances in regard to nudity and quiet hours that can be enforced with a police presence on weekends. Wondering what percentage of rental houses are in the area. Maybe someone just wants a private security force to protect their profits…

Overpass would please residents

(Re the Thursday, June 10, front-page story, “Board: Time to plan for C.R. 486 interchange). My wife and I are dismayed and angered by the BOCC’s position on the interchange off of the Suncoast Parkway on (County Road) 486 opposite the Pine Ridge Estates entrance. We have lived in Pine Ridge for 22 years. We moved here for a peaceful area. The area has grown. With more traffic, it will get worse with the proposed interchange. My wife and I are against it…I suggest we go back to the original plan of an overpass at (C.R.) 486…

Interchange at 486 will be great

I’m responding to the (Thursday, June 10 front-page story) about the C.R. 486 interchange with the Suncoast Parkway coming. I can’t wait for it. It is very simple for me to get there, go to Tampa hospital and come back. I don’t have to drive 4-1/2 miles all the way down to (State Road) 44 to get onto Suncoast. Now I get it right there at Pine Ridge. So if you Pine Ridge residents keep complaining, I’m going to start selling crying towels. Enjoy it. I love it and can’t wait.

Save money with death penalty

(Re the Thursday, June 10, front-page story, “Psychologists testify at Campbell resentencing”): I’m responding to the Inverness man that’s trying to appeal his death sentence. For one, the psychiatrist says (Page A5), “his life, lessening his immoral intent or ‘moral capability’” and that he doesn’t have it…He can’t have moral standards and the capacity to do so. He killed his father and also attacked an (ex-sister-in-law) years ago in the ’90s with a hammer. You mean to tell me you want this guy to live on death row so the taxpayers can keep this person alive?...

No community authority in Crystal Oaks

I would like to respond to the person that called in about Crystal Oaks subdivision installing their own speed bumps (in Sound Off, Page A7, Thursday, June 10). Crystal Oaks subdivision does not have a homeowners association. It was a deed-restricted community when it first opened. They did away with that. They do not have any authority at all. So get your story straight before you call in.

Don’t accuse what you don’t know

On Sunday, June 6, my 17- and 18-year-old granddaughters went to (a grocery store) with their boyfriends. They were picking up a much-deserved lunch. They had all been working in the sweltering heat assisting their parents with yard cleanup. They were preparing for an upcoming graduation party. The 18-year-old and her boyfriend had just graduated with honors from CHS. The younger one has a 4.7 GPA and her boyfriend is a good student and also works in his spare time. The four entered (the store) laughing and cutting up, as young people do. Upon entering, they encountered an elderly gentleman who had a dog with him. As they entered, the dog became feisty and the gentleman had to rein him in. He then proceeded to accuse the young adults of being under the influence of some substance. He didn’t stop there, however, and proceeded to tell others in the store that the kids were under the influence. My grandchildren were quite taken aback by this and so am I. How dare he make such accusations?

New shelter should be near jail

I’m calling about the new dog shelter that needs to be built. I’ve seen a lot of people saying they don’t want it and the ones that don’t want it are living in their $300,000 or $400,000 homes with these big boats and all they’re concerned about are the ramps that they want to put in so they can go out fishing. I think there’s people in the neighborhood, the residents, and from other areas that would really benefit by that animal shelter. I think it should be built near the prison. I think the prisoners could help train the dogs. It would also act as a teaching school for people volunteering that may want to become technicians. You could set up something out there like a festival where vendors could sell pet items, bowls and shirts and sweaters and all that kind of stuff.

Every medal has a story

As I turned on the TV, the news was interviewing a gentleman and he said that he’s a teacher and he had just retired from the Navy after 21 years. Now, it also showed a picture of him in his uniform and he had a whole chest full of what appeared to be medals. I wonder what he did so brave since 2000 in the Navy. I kind of wish that I had this fellow, if he was a little older, in the trenches and foxholes in 1950 early Korea and see what he does to earn medals. I know what I did for mine.

Pave where heavy traffic is

In reference to our roads, which badly need repaving: When they consider repaving the roads, please refer to, and don’t forget when Ron Kitchen paved those roads in Citrus Springs where there’s no homes on that road and his idea was “build it and they will come.” You repaved those beautiful roads and nobody’s driving on them and nobody purchased any property there. Let’s pave the roads where they really need it with the most congested traffic. Do not “build a road and they will come.” Build a road where they’re already occupying it.

Wondering about property clearing

I drive by Gulf-to-Lake (Highway) and (County Road) 491 at least three times a week. They cleared all that property up there catty corner to the RaceTrac gas station and I was just curious as to what they’re going to put there. I mean, we could use a Costco — which is definitely something we need here — or a BJ’s. With the development that’s going to be going on, they may want to consider that and maybe with some halfway decent restaurants instead of all these drive-thrus. So that was just my concern.

Broken concrete could have double purpose

Just a little curiosity question: With all the concrete culverts and stuff and broken concrete being removed along (U.S.) 19 from Homosassa to Crystal River, does anybody know if any of that’s going to be used for something like an artificial reef or something like that? It would be interesting.