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They’re dumping everywhere out there

The person that wrote the article on May 23 about littering, he needs to go down (U.S.) 19, (U.S.) 98, (State Road) 44 and any other streets in Crystal River. There is garbage laying out there all the time. People just throw it out the window. They don’t give a (darn). I came down (U.S.) 19 the other day and somebody had thrown a black bag in the road and it stretched out for about 50 to 60 feet. Whoever wrote the article, you’d better take your blindfold off and see how the people around here just throw stuff out in the street any time they want to. Going down (U.S.) 98 the other day, the guy had four tires in the back of his pickup trash truck that he was throwing down the ditch with. Like I said to the man that wrote the article, take your blindfold off.

Donate to Veterans Village

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This is about the editorial in today’s Chronicle in reference to the Veterans Village (June 8, Page A11) and this is to the VFW and the American Legion and other organizations that donate: Donate to the Veterans Village. If it wasn’t for the veterans, you wouldn’t be here. So donate to the Veterans Village.

Tough luck on the noise

I’m responding to Sound Off (about the Wednesday, June 9, front-page story), “Board targets rowdy crowds.” We have a law that you can make all the noise you want from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. So now you’re telling me you want to have a gray line because people on the Homosassa River feel it’s too much noise for them and they want the peace and quiet? Well, tough luck. I’m sorry about it. So if there’s a gray line there, you’re going to have to put it all over Citrus County. Accept it, leave it and accept it. They’re allowed to make the noise from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. unless you want to force them to change the law. I would like to see that done, but that’s not going to happen.

It was dirt when it was bought

In reference to the city’s looking into paving the dirt roads (Wednesday, June 9’s front-page story): I guess the people in this subdivision are complaining about the dirt roads. Well, when you moved there and you bought your house, you saw it was a dirt road. Why are you complaining now? You purchased your house when it was a dirt road.

Outstanding fines could pay for it

I’m responding to Sound Off (about the Wednesday, June 9, front-page story), “County: Plan to move courts is too expensive,” where it’s $2.5 million to renovate the historical building. Just think about it. We have multi-multi-millions of dollars in outstanding court fines that are not collected. They go to collection agencies. Now if you threaten them with jail time and put them in jail for not paying their fines, or make them do community service, you would reap some of the rewards back and get some of that money back and maybe you could build that new courthouse. But, no, they send it to collections. No, if they do the crime, do the time or pay your fine. If they don’t pay the fine or don’t make payments on their fine, then they go to jail and do their time served for not paying their fine, period.

Shelter is a holding facility

The county animal shelter project lacks support. The elephant in the room is that the Citrus County Animal Shelter has turned into a long-term holding facility, primarily for large, unruly, bully-type dogs. Adopt, don’t shop? After several visits, there was nothing available that I was willing to trust in my home with small children.

Idea: Florida Man Festival

You know, if you want to make some money or get some attention, draw a crowd or have a big event, I was thinking that someone might be like “Florida Man.” Have a “Florida Man” competition. Bet all the bars could rustle up a few. Probably more than you need. Can’t look behind a palm tree around this place without finding one. Anyway, I don’t know what the prize would be — maybe a tattoo or something — but “Florida Man 2021.”

Road is totally awful

I went down Colonade in Inverness to go get gas at the RaceTrac and they have this beautiful apartment complex there. The road before it was awful and it still is awful and I can’t even believe that they could present. ... such a crappy road. Why don’t you do something about it, Citrus County?

Current shelter a howling problem

Finally, Citrus County is going to lift itself out of the darkness of being in the lower tier of Florida’s 67 counties providing for adequate animal shelter facilities. The howling and barking will continue until the BOCC finishes the goal of completing the new animal shelter. Our care of the county animals is just as important as all of these bike trails being completed and underway. No longer is the county going to the dogs, but it’s a county of the people, by the people, for the dogs. Keep up the good work, BOCC.

Introduce us to the new owners

From what I read in the paper, there’s new owners taking over the Chronicle and if I read it in the Chronicle, then it’s got to be true. The Chronicle should do a story on the new owners, introducing us to them…

Nothing bad said about business

In today’s Chronicle Sound Off (Wednesday, June 9, Page A11), you mentioned Publix because someone paid for their groceries and you thought that was a good thing — which I think so — but when something goes wrong in Publix, Winn-Dixie, whatever grocery or establishment, you always say “grocery store.” You never mention their name when something’s wrong, but when something goes good, you mention their name. Could you tell me why?

Sam’s Club gas is cheaper

Every gas station that I see here in Citrus County is exactly $2.95. Every one is the same. I’ve never seen that. I called my son in Brevard County and he says all the gas prices are $2.95, except Sam’s Club is $2.73. Can you explain that one? It doesn’t make sense.

Local business over ‘Fivebucks’

We don’t need a “Fivebucks,” aka Starbucks, in Citrus County. What we do need to do is continue to support our local businesses…