Too many churches

I’m calling from Inverness. I noticed the (Sound Off) in the paper yesterday, Nov. 26, about the new carwash that’s opening. I agree with the writer on one point — that it’s unfortunate for the old carwash firm — but I couldn’t help taking a look around Inverness and I notice it’s a very common practice to put similar businesses close to each other. Just down the road from the carwash, the new Publix was allowed to build their new supermarket literally in the armpit of the Winn-Dixie that has been standing there for decades. Burger King and McDonald’s have been doing a similar setup for decades. Don’t even talk about gas stations. They jack up in each other’s faces all around the town. But my pet peeve — my biggest problem — is the number of churches we have jacked up right next to each other. Every new church pops up with a handful of people inside. In tiny Floral City, there are 11 churches within a one-mile radius. I know because I have lived there. On Croft Avenue alone, there are five churches. Now, all I can say to the carwash owner: Just stick to it and show the new kid on the block that you’re no soft-soap. And if the locals will support you like this writer seems to be supportive of you, I know you will do well. So just hang in there and, you know, things will work out.

Hampered by a medieval mentality

Kudos to Michelle Bearden for her letter today (Nov. 27, “The worst of Citrus County”). She wrote: “Well, that was a day I will never get back. A total exercise in futility.” I laughed so hard because I have felt the same way. We both have felt that it was our civic duty to give input before the county commissioners about the New York Times, but all facts and logic were ignored. Citrus County will never amount to anything, no matter how many toll roads you build, because we are hampered by a medieval mentality. Professional companies will not come here.

They did you a favor

Regarding the “Driver inconsiderate” (Sound Off) Wednesday, Nov. 27: That person was not being as inconsiderate as this other person thinks. There are so many wrecks that are caused by people allowing people to make a turn in front of them into a business or whatever or out of a business and your little car would be totaled because you couldn’t see beyond that big black truck and you’d be in the hospital now. So they did you a favor by not allowing you to cut in. If you need to cut in, make your turn at traffic lights where it’s very safe. Left turns without traffic lights are very dangerous.

Comment made no sense

I just read a Sound Off that somebody sent in the (Nov. 27) “Hot Corner: Mulligan’s Column.” Whoever wrote it said things like: “Factual statements can (often) be checked for accuracy. Unfortunately, the truth test is getting more difficult in today’s political and cable TV environment.” ... The person said things like, “The factual statements that are false are, in my view, purposely designed to shape the opinion of others.” Well, if it’s a factual statement, it’s not false. His whole comment didn’t make any sense — trying to say there’s facts and then there’s facts that aren’t true...

Give the correct phone number

I’m responding to (the Nov. 27) Sound Off, “Just give a phony phone number”: First of all, that’s totally wrong. What happens if they realize someone made a mistake and gave a pill or two or some pills wrong in the bottle? Now they can’t contact you because you decided to give a phony number. No, that’s totally wrong. If you feel that strongly about the pharmacy, then go to another pharmacy. My pharmacy knows me all the time. They don’t ask me my name or my phone number. They know me because I’m a regular there. And the people that do come in, all they do is ask them their address. They don’t ask for phone numbers. So I suggest you either give them your phone number — a correct phone number — or look for another pharmacy. It’s that simple.

PO boxes aren’t free

Regarding today’s Sound Off, “Get a PO Box,” Nov. 27, Wednesday: They forgot to mention a P.O. Box is as much as — I should say, as little as — $80 a year. That’s how much I pay for a very small box. So, it’s not like it’s free.

Be wary of movie listings

Hey, just want to give everybody a little warning: Don’t trust the Chronicle movie listings for the right information on the movies. You should call the theater. Very disappointed grandchild, as we planned to go to the movies and when we got there, it wasn’t the right time as printed in the Chronicle. So not right. Please try to get the information correct.

Editor’s note: Printed just below the daily movie listings every day is this notice: “Times provided by Regal Cinemas and are subject to change, call ahead.”

Airboats operate too early

This morning at 5 a.m., I was rudely awakened by a loud noise and my bed was shaking. Was it an earthquake? No. Was it a low-flying sheriff’s helicopter? No. Was it a UFO coming for me? No. It was a very rude airboat operator (at) 5 a.m. Wednesday morning. I think the proper hours for utilizing those machines should be 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. What they’re doing after dark or when it’s dark, I have no idea. And if they’re hunting with those things, they’re scaring away everything within 3 miles, so they’re probably not catching much. That’s my Sound Off for today.

Put Crystal River City Hall in mall

Here’s an idea for the mall: Why don’t you put the Crystal River City Hall in the mall? Why don’t you put the tourists’ (Visitor Information Center) in the mall? Then when people come here for tourism, they have to stop at the mall and if you put these little stores in there, then they might make some business because these tourists that come here seasonally will have to stop at the mall. Then they can look around and you might sell some stuff because that’s where they are. So that’s where the tourist (Visitor Information Center) should be is in the mall — to generate business in there from the tourists — and the same with City Hall. Get them off (U.S.) 19 and put them in the mall. ... They can redirect traffic and buses to the mall where there’s parking ... I think it’s a good idea to put it there.

Sheriff never returns call

My neighbors and I have been calling the sheriff’s department for the last three years. We’ve been calling them just about every day. He’s never returned a phone call. He’s never answered the phone. We have a serious problem over here on Highland Avenue. These people are speeding like there’s no tomorrow. We’ve clocked them doing 70 mph and regardless how many times we complain, nothing happens. Is there anything you can do to help us?

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