Thanks for the letter

I’m reading today’s paper, Wednesday, June 24. I want to thank Jim Price for his letter to the editor. He said exactly what many of us feel. You wrote it beautifully, Jim. You said it correctly and if people would only listen, we would have a much saner, smoother life in our community. Thank you again.

Locals alerting potential speeders

I agree with the (June 24, 2020) Sound Off titled, “Thanks CCSO for your patrols,” about stepped-up speed limit enforcement on Miss Maggie Drive. But every day I drive down that road and if there’s a cop waiting to catch speeders, many of the locals flash their lights to let others know. Kind of counterproductive, wouldn’t you agree? I think this practice should be made a crime and come with heavy penalties. If you really want to stop speeders, stop hamstringing the deputies in their efforts.

Get your facts straight

The (June 24, 2020) Sound Off titled, “Locals can’t get into the river” is way off the mark and contains some falsehoods. ... First, the caller says it has changed for the worst in the last 15 years and blames it on the “manager with big ideas.” Well, the current manager has only been there for eight years. Second, the caller blames advertising by that manager, but they failed to tell you that manager doesn’t advertise at all — doesn’t even use Facebook or social media. Third, the caller says locals “can’t even get near it” and “if we do get near it, now we’re hit with every kind of fee you can imagine.” Let me call B.S. on that one. The community is only 1 1/2 miles long from (U.S.) 19 to the second boat ramp. If you’re a local, learn to ride a bike. Drop your boat off with a guard for a few minutes, then park at home and bike back. Cost? Absolutely nothing. If you’re handicapped, old or just obese, use a golf cart, scooter, Go-Go or whatever. Many locals do. Cost? Absolutely nothing. Get your facts straight.

Asking to be the next epicenter

I’m calling in respect to opening scallop season when we have such an epidemic down in Tampa and south. These are the people that come to our county, so are we asking to be the next epicenter?

Where’s the thought?

This is related to the “Thought for Today” that’s usually in the paper. I used to read it every day. For the last couple of days now, I haven’t seen it and it just lists, you know, “Today’s Birthdays,” the news in the last five years, but nothing about the daily “Thought for Today.” So please let me know in the Sound Off column what happened.

Editor’s note: The provider of The Day in History has discontinued the “thought.”

Reconsider school start date

Citrus County School Board: Difficult times call for difficult decisions. With the COVID-19 infection rate increasing in the state of Florida, it is time to start considering a start of the school calendar after Labor Day. Simply cut the generous student break time that we have in Florida to adjust. A Sept. 8 start would put us almost a month closer to a possible vaccine.

Homosassa parking problems

You know this time of year it’s going to get busy down on the Homosassa River because of scallop season and everything else coming up, but yet you’ve got cars that park in the parking lot where it says “Vehicles and trailers only” and you’ve got a single car parked in there. Why can’t a deputy go by and write a summons or have the thing towed? It’s all posted and it really gets old and it’s not fair to other people.