Editorial good, but too soft

The Chronicle’s editorial (Jan. 14) regarding the U.S. 19 debacle was good, but a little too soft. A one-year extension of a three-year project is ridiculous, grossly inefficient, extremely costly and shows a serious lack of planning by the construction company, the Florida Department of Transportation and the county. Sure, blame falls on the company, but more blame should fall on the Florida Department of Transportation and the county — both wasting our tax monies. Did I read almost 90 days of delays were blamed on holidays? Holidays? Weren’t they scheduled in originally since they’ve been around for decades? Weather delays are understandable, but holidays? And don’t forget about the hidden costs, such as loss of business and the huge waste of gas – thousands and thousands of gallons over four years — as cars sit idling, waiting to move. Large fines (of) $25,000 to $50,000 need to be assessed to the company every day the project is extended, especially when you’re sitting in the roadway and see up to nine workers standing around with their hands in their pockets. Embarrassing!

Call it dangerous driving

(Re the Jan. 15 Sound Off titled, “An explanation for parked deputies”): Stat Cop, or whatever he calls himself, state that we shouldn’t be calling it reckless driving, that it should be careless driving. How about we just call it dangerous driving? And the fact that our sheriff and his deputies don’t address it, that is the big problem. It’s just a sad situation on the roads in this county because the man refuses to do his job.

Vultures provide free service

I’m calling about the (Jan. 15) Sound Off where someone asked why can’t there be a service to pick up roadkill. There is and it’s free — it’s vultures.

It’s Homosassa, OK?

This (is about the Jan. 15) Sound Off, “Is it Sugarmill or Chassahowitzka?” Well, it’s Homosassa, OK? When you get mail, it’s mailed to Homosassa. Sugarmill does not run down (U.S.) 98. Those are different subdivisions that have different names. So tell the people in Sugarmill to quit trying to claim what ain’t theirs. Stay in their neighborhood.

You can’t stop the speeders

I’m responding to (the Jan. 15) Sound Off, “Speed limit should be lowered on that stretch,” where the person says on Croft Road it should be 35, not 50, and no wonder people are getting killed. Really? Tell me how many people have got killed on Croft Road. Can you come up with the figure and tell me that? I don’t think so. If they’re going to go fast, they’re going to go fast. Nothing you could do about it. So if the sheriff’s department don’t want to do nothing about it, then it is what it is. Whatever happens, happens and that person will have to deal with it. Get over it.

Kudos to EMS workers

I would like to make a comment about the EMS service we have here in our county. I’m very happy with the response I got on Monday night when my wife nearly passed away from a breathing problem. She couldn’t breathe, her heart was pounding, she was frightened to death and I called 911. Within three to four minutes, there was a fire truck for manpower and an ambulance with a crew that came into my house very professionally and took care of her in no time at all, transported her to the hospital, where she still is getting breathing treatments for her lungs, etc. I hope to bring her home in a day or two. Their service was exemplary. They were very professional and very, very swift. I doubt it was more than four minutes until they got to my house. So kudos to them. Thank you.

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