The job will always be political

(Re the Feb. 10 Sound Off, “Superintendent job shouldn’t be political”): Someone wrote in about the superintendent of the schools being a political job. They don’t want it to be a political job. They don’t want it to be an elected job, don’t understand why it’s elected and it shouldn’t be political. Do they think that a superintendent that runs for the schools and then when he’s elected, he’s there for four years? Do they think that a superintendent that’s hired by a group panel of the school board of five people, depending on what county you’re in – in some there’s more than five people on the school board — do they think it’s not political for a superintendent to be hired by the school board who is elected and they have to be rehired every year? That superintendent, if they want to get their 30 years in so they can get a pension, do you think that superintendent is not going to be buddying up to the school board members so he or she can keep her job every year? Because they have to hire them every year and they have to elect a new chairman of the board every year and etc. So do you think that any superintendent, whether they’re hired or elected, they don’t have to sort of work to do their job and make sure they please the board that hires them? Then you’ve got a mistake coming. Whether you’re hired every year or elected every four years, it’s still political.

Couple does wonderful work with animals

(Re the Feb. 11 front-page story, “Providing haven for animals”): Kudos to Kurt and Lisa Stoner for the wonderful work they do in rescuing exotic wildlife. I’m amazed at how many people get exotic animals for house pets when they’re cute, little babies, but once they’re grown and not so little and cute anymore, the poor animals become neglected and forgotten and sometimes even just let go in a forest or swamp somewhere to fend for themselves. The animals the Stoners are caring for are blessed indeed. Thank God for people like them.

Commissioners’ disdain unproductive

The disdain that several county commissioners have for a local newspaper is not good for my county and its residents and visitors, at least in my taste. I did not vote to elect you to pick a fight with this newspaper. Wake up and enjoy the blooming azaleas.

Time to clean up the community

It seems that the county commission has been studying and discussing universal garbage pickup in Citrus County for more than 25 years, yet they can never seem to make a decision to go ahead and bite the bullet and make this change. Meanwhile, illegal dumping is rampant and recycling is basically nonexistent. It’s time for our county to grow up and insist that everybody disposes of their trash properly and it’s picked up in front of their home. This shouldn’t be that hard; it’s not that expensive. The county just needs to do it. Please protect our community and our environment.

Lights on skiff look beautiful

Cheers to the people who put the lights on the Crystal River skiff by the Best Western. It looks beautiful and it’s a beautiful entrance to Crystal River. Good job!

Road curbs, gutters unsafe

It is sad that the people of Citrus County allow highways to be built in rural areas of the county with curbs and gutters. These are unsafe. If a car hits a curb, he will lose control. We have drivers that are inebriated or they’re on their cellphones and they’re wandering around the road. One tap of that curb puts you out of control. Also, they build intersections that go nowhere, right-turn lanes and left-turn lanes that go nowhere. It’s far more expensive to build a road that way. We could save money, make the roads safer and maybe we could address some of these other intersections that are truly dangerous, like (State Road) 200 and (County Road) 491 or (C.R.) 491 and (U.S.) 98 or (State Road) 44 and Southern. We need a right-turn lane onto Southern, as it is a very sharp turn and it would allow cars to decelerate without causing accidents. It’s too bad that the Department of Transportation bases their safety concerns on how many people get killed at an intersection before something is done about it. Also, the police have a hard time pulling people over when there’s a curb because there is no safe place to pull over. Or if you have a flat tire or car trouble, you can’t pull over because there’s that curb and you have to run over the curb. It makes no sense to spend all that money on that and yet not spend it on truly safe equipment.

Candidate sign damaged

Well, I guess it’s time. My woman friend here has told me, she says, “Our sign is down out front, it’s bent over,” which she had up for a gentleman that’s running for the sheriff’s office. I said, “All right, I’ll check it.” So I went out there figuring that with that storm we had the other evening, the wind blew it down because I had four ties holding it up there, lots of ties. And here we go, two of them are laying on the ground, they were cut and the sign’s cut right off the fence. So I guess now we’ve got people that are hungry to help another partner, but are destroying the other people’s property by trying to knock off our candidate’s name. This is unreal, but what do you want in Citrus County?

Change course before county is ruined

Every day, hearing and reading about how people are using too much water. And after all this talk, what does our county commissioners do? They all vote to extend the parkway into Citrus County, taking out many trees and paving over another large area of land that has been helpful in recharging the aquifer, and many trees lost that were important to the environment for many reasons, all gone forever. The most asinine part of this destruction is that after all the millions spent and damage done, no one, even our commissioners, know or really care where it goes from here. All they care about is all the new gas stations, burger joints and other businesses that can be added — along with more homes with many people coming — alongside of the parkway. This will add to Citrus County more traffic, more crime, higher taxes, more strain on the landfill and more of everything bad that comes with this kind of progress and growth. Do we want or need this to happen to Citrus County, a place that still exists in Florida where people have moved to get away from what our people in control are turning this county into? And the parkway is not the end of the bad things to come. There’s the talk of bringing more industry in, with the commissioners in favor of turning 100 acres of pastureland into a built-up, paved-over industrial park. Really? Do these things help in saving water? All the most important decisions made about the direction the county goes are made by the politicians and businesspeople, who only care about more, more, more, major greed, and guiding us down the road to the death of all the good that this county of Citrus was built on. And we’ll join, very soon, the same hell that has happened to our south and many other places in Florida. Somehow, some way, we must stop it now and change our course for the future.

We need more enforcement in school zones

I’m calling about the school zones for Inverness Middle School and Inverness Primary School. I don’t really understand why the sheriff’s department and school board actually have a blinking light set up and even radar to monitor your speed during the times that the school zone is in effect in the morning and the afternoon, because they don’t work. I pick my granddaughter up on a daily basis from Inverness Middle School and used to from Inverness Primary and there’s always people going over the speed limit, not paying attention to the school zones. We really need more enforcement to keep our children safe.

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